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Enjoy Professional Air Conditioning Services in Brisbane

    Our air conditioning contractor in Brisbane has an impeccable reputation built on providing finesse at a low cost. At Australian Construction, we have provided high quality commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning installation services in Brisbane for years. We have a significant number of satisfied customers.

    We have a team of air conditioning professionals serving commercial and residential markets, presenting air con installation and servicing for split and multi and ducted systems. Our installation work is 100% guaranteed.

    Ducted air conditioning

    Our ducted air conditioning systems provide wonderful value for money for users who are energy conscious, whether utilised in a commercial area or in the home.

    A specially formed ductwork concealed in ceiling and roof spaces moves warm or cool air using air conditioning engine spaces (the compressor and air handling units) situated far away. It creates a silent system that our expert team controls easily according to the user’s needs.

    When you hire us to install ducted air conditioning, we give you suggestions on all the needed elements; from suitable energy efficient units and how to ‘zone’ your system efficiently.

    The air conditioning contractor we have in Brisbane can zone ducted air conditioning, providing comfort and cost benefits. The team of experts we have sets the air conditioning system to allow air flow only to the spaces in use.

    They control it manually or using a pre-set timer, offering highly tailored air conditioning settings, increasing energy efficiencies further. It is best for homes where the families use numerous rooms simultaneously.

    For instance, at home where the parents and teenagers might use the kitchen and lounge, or buildings premises where staff moves from one office to another or room to room.

    Due to the various advantages, we are using ducted air conditioning more and more in new constructions and as replacement mechanisms in existing homes. It is energy efficient, quiet and gives a filtered air flow where and when you need it most.

    Commercial Air Conditioning

    For many years, Australian Construction has been a leader in supplying air conditioning for many commercial enterprises established in Brisbane. Offices, schools and different businesses benefit from our years of experience in the industry.

    Every project has unique needs and our expert technicians ensure that they assess your individual requirements fully before presenting a comprehensive quote for your approval.

    Over the years, we have honed and perfected our approach. Our air conditioning contractor is proud of the long list of medium and small size commercial air conditioning installations we have completed with total customer satisfaction.

    Educational facilities can hire us with the assurance that we are air conditioning specialists. Call us today and our team will give you a quote for your warehouses, retail surroundings and office needs. 

    Our experience in installing commercial air conditioning is unsurpassed in Brisbane. We offer long warranties and unique servicing contracts, making our installations beneficial.

    Whatever business you run or your individual circumstances, our company is available to advise you, design and install the ideal air conditioning system. When you increase productivity and sales it makes a big impact on your staff and clients. 

    Installing commercial air conditioning

    Our technicians are perfectionists when it comes to the design phase of the commercial air conditioning and they apply this quality during the installation stage and other stages. We have professional air conditioning contractors in Brisbane, when they arrive they clean the area and clean it again after completing the work.  When carrying out installation, they consider:

    • Safety and health matters.
    • Area for easy and effective operation.

    Whatever kind of commercial air conditioning you need us to install, our technicians have unsurpassed experience. We supply various air conditioning systems that meet your individual needs.

    Our expert team has installed commercial air conditioning systems in factories, offices, schools, pubs, restaurants and sports clubs in Brisbane

    We guarantee high standard work and our customer testimonials attest to this. Wherever and whatever needs you have for our commercial air conditioning contractor in Brisbane, trust us to give you the professional and personal we are popular for. Call us today to find out how our services can benefit you.

    Air conditioners maintenance and servicing

    Effective maintenance processes for commercial air conditioners begin after installation. So, always ensure that you have a clean filter that does not have any contaminates.

    Usually, the maintenance staff or business owner can clean the air filters. However, our professional team needs to frequently examine other different items to ensure the smooth running of the air conditioning system, for instance, cooling coils, refrigerant levels, drip trays and condensing unit.

    We appreciate that old and new systems need routine maintenance and we advise frequent preventative check-ups to save you from likely issues and huger expenses in future. The period between servicing mainly depends on the period the systems operate every day and the number of individuals it serves. 

    Therefore, we recommend our expert servicing for commercial air conditioning clients to be carried out at an agreed time-frame and we establish a service maintenance contract to ensure that no major issues arise with your air conditioning system.

    Choosing the right product

    Ducted air conditioning is becoming more and more popular in Brisbane because of the sub-tropical climate. It is a necessary component to sustain a comfortable living surrounding.

    Ducted air conditioning’s main principle is circulating cooled air in rooms by absorbing heat in a single internal area and the resulting heat release in an exterior area.

    Our regular split system air conditioning procedure needs an outdoor compressor unit and indoor air handling unit. They are linked through copper piping and refrigerant flows through here. The refrigerant facilitates the heat movement from the indoor section to the outdoor section for release. 

    The A/C technology has improved in a short time.  So, it is important for you to choose the correct type and size for your home since it affects your whole family’s comfort level. It also improves your property’s re-sale value.


    Australian Construction has worked in the commercial and residential air conditioning contractor in Brisbane sector for years. So, our team has significant experience in advising our clients on choosing and installing an air conditioning system to meet your budget and needs.

    We have solutions to fit your needs, whether you are constructing a new home or require an air conditioner system for your existing home, so call us today.