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Bunbury Air Conditioning Contractor

Bunbury Air Conditioning Contractor

    Australian Construction has years of technical excellence. We provide industrial and commercial air conditioning. Our air conditioning contractor in Bunbury designs and installs air conditioning systems. Additionally, your systems meet your particular needs. We provide reliable and responsive services.

    We handle all-sized commercial businesses, whether large or small. Our competent team changes the feel and comfort of your physical area. You may have a complex or small shop. Regardless, Australian Construction gives our clients the best experience. Applications are different. For this reason, we have other air conditioners. As a result, they meet the needs and purposes of every application. 

    It is not easy to choose a particular type of commercial air conditioning.  The reason is you need to know specific aspects of the area. Additionally, it is not easy to install air conditioners. It requires careful thought and expert skill. Because of this, it is best to allow our air conditioning contractor in Bunbury to handle the task for you.

    We rank top among commercial air conditioning contractors. Consequently, we offer the ideal air conditioning services and products. Our qualified team handles design and installation. Furthermore, we undertake future maintenance.

    Air conditioning ducted system

    Our complete air conditioning ducted system enables you to cool or heat your home. Additionally, you can regulate the temperatures 24/7. Also, you can choose the rooms you want to air condition. As a result, you save on running costs. For example, during the day you can air condition living rooms. At night you can air condition the bedrooms.

    Ductwork for cooling system & ducted heating

    Australian Construction clients have peace of mind. It is because we only install ductwork with optimal R-rating. Moreover, the ductwork is fire rated. In addition, we ensure they size the installed ducting correctly.

    When ductwork is installed incorrectly it leads to inefficient systems and excess noise. Undersized ductwork saves cash in the short term. However, in the future, it can cause issues. Our company has years of experience in commercial and residential air conditioning.

    Air conditioning design and installation

    Home & commercial 

    Air conditioning enhances your mood by creating a cozy environment! More importantly, it forms a controlled temperature. Because of this, people can work efficiently and sleep happily. Air conditioning reduces moisture. Consequently, it reduces the amount of mildew and pollen. Because of this, it prevents asthma. Its advanced filters keep away the bugs and reduce heatstroke risk.

    However, to establish affordable air conditioning for your office or home, expertise is essential. The reason is that all locations differ. Also, skills and knowledge are necessary to determine where and how to install air conditioning system. 

    After completion of the air conditioning design, the air conditioning installation should be done carefully and equally. Australian Construction has years of expertise in air conditioning design and installation. Given this, we ensure you obtain the ideal air conditioning systems. 

    Professional air conditioning installation

    Our company provides the newest standards and regulations. Additionally, we offer expert guidance provided by specific manufacturers. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of your office or home. Because of this, we establish the ideal method of applying air conditioners. 

    Also, we follow the project’s budget and timescale. The air conditioning contractor in Bunbury evaluates the heating, and cooling load needed. Also, we follow all the legislative requirements that the authorities specify.


    At Australian Construction, we are popular because of our professional service. Additionally, we are reputed for our creative design. We are dedicated to creating unique ventilation and air conditioning solutions. We meet the market demands that change constantly. We not only consider functionality but aesthetics also.

    For this reason, we offer exceptional solutions. Because of our experience, we ask the right questions. We then provide suitable and practical solutions.

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