Hire Our Fully Qualified Air Conditioning Contractor In Bundaberg

Bundaberg Air Conditioning Contractor

Bundaberg Air Conditioning Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are happy to keep local families comfortable through the seasons in Australia. Do you want a new air conditioning system? Or do you wish to replace an existing one? Under these circumstances, our air conditioning contractor tailors the ideal package for you.

    We offer various units and install different systems. Our services extend to residential, industrial and commercial properties. Australian Construction offers multi-split, split, cassette or ducted split type systems. You may require a heating or cooling package for your office or home.  

    In this case, we offer the ideal design or system layout for you. In addition, we provide ongoing support. Also, we offer follow-up maintenance inspections. Therefore, we ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently. 

    Residential air conditioning 

    Our top residential air conditioners are ideal for each season. Furthermore, they offer a maximum balance of temperature control. You enjoy the comfort of enhanced air quality for your home. Moreover, you are comfortable night and day, despite the weather.

    The air conditioning contractor in Bundaberg stocks the world’s best brands. We have various economic and energy-efficient units. Also, they are stylish and suit each client’s preferences and room sizes. We provide all of them at affordable prices. Our company offers quality after-sales support as well. 

    Australian Construction is fussy about professionalism. For this reason, we only work with the best-certified installers. As a result, we ensure that we fit your air conditioner. Therefore, your system operates and meets the top level of expectation.

    Commercial Air conditioning

    The air conditioning contractor offers top air conditioning brands. We provide heating and cooling solutions and serve industrial and commercial properties. Australian Construction is the go-to service and product provider for a wide range of air conditioning units. Given this, we offer large, heavy-duty standalone systems. They are used for single offices. Additionally, they are used as ducted air conditioning systems. 

    We use them for warehouses, hotels and commercial buildings. Our competent team installs and manages projects. We handle design and offer technical backup support. Furthermore, we determine the ideal solutions for your HVAC needs for your commercial projects.

    Ducted air conditioning installation

    Ducted air conditioning units present an elegant way of maintaining coolness in your place. Not only are they attractive, but they also offer excellent cooling ability. These systems distribute conditioned air across areas openly. The units handle various loads. Together with zone controllers, they ensure coolness in all aspects of your office or home.

    Moreover, they isolate areas when not needed. They cut costs also. When we install ducted air conditioning on an existing or new building, it makes the room elegant. Also, the area has a touch of sophistication with a sleek finish.

    New builds

    The air conditioning contractor in Bundaberg supplies and installs all types of Fujitsu units. Perhaps you have limited outdoor space and need one outdoor unit. In that case, we design and install a VRF, multi-head or ducted unit. In this manner, it ensures all your areas are comfortable. Our team goes over the design stages with you. Therefore we ensure the units are lovely and functional. We are proud to ensure we complete each home at the highest standards.

    Package units

    Our packaged units are a fantastic method of cooling large spaces. These systems are all in one. So they only require the fitting of the supply and return ducts. It ensures you and your team remain cool.


    Australian Construction has various air conditioner units. Our cooling and heating solutions are tailored. Therefore, they match your requirements and home. Our range includes a split system and ducted air conditioning. We also have reverse cycle air conditioners. It consists of the famous LG air conditioner range and other recognised brands.

      For all your air conditioning needs in Bundaberg, call us now!