Air Conditioning Contractor In Cairns From Aus Construction

Cairns Air Conditioning Contractor

Cairns Air Conditioning Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are proud to offer various air conditioning services. We handle clients in some of Australia’s hottest parts. For example, our air conditioning contractor in Cairns serves rural industrial and mining applications. 

    Our company provides air conditioning services. These services involve design and installation. In addition, we offer maintenance and repair. We use ideal brands to give you superior solutions. Moreover, we are highly reliable. We use ideal brands to provide quality solutions.

    Residential air conditioning services and products

    Australian Construction handles air conditioning services. We handle residential, commercial and industrial projects. Moreover, our competent team designs installs, and maintain air conditioning solutions. We surpass your expectations and keep you cool. Also, we help with fresh and exhaust air systems.

    Residential air conditioning is vital for people who reside in hot areas. The all mounted split system is prevalent. Indoor units are linked to outdoor units. Also, they feature various capacities and sizes. They cater for small bedrooms and home offices. Additionally, they serve extensive open plan living areas.

    The air conditioning contractor has split systems. These are available as standalone units. Alternatively, we can install it as a Multi Inverter System. It cools the entire home or numerous rooms and spaces.  

    Not only do we design and install but also service and maintain. For this reason, we offer optimal power and cooling efficiency for your home. Call us now for additional information on your residential air conditioning needs.

    Automotive air conditioning

    Cairns residents appreciate an effectively functioning automotive air conditioning system. It is vital as it keeps you comfortable and cool while driving. Where automotive air conditioning is concerned, our air conditioning contractor in Cairns takes care of you. 

    We are not only licensed but also experienced. Furthermore, our top priority is your comfort. Our team replaces all your automotive air conditioning system components. For example, we replace TX valves and compressors.

    Additionally, we replace dryers from any vehicle in the market. We want to give you the best value for money. For this reason, we only utilise the most popular refrigerant gas for our automotive applications. It is the R134a refrigerant gas!

    The re-gas special

    First, our skilled auto mechanic carries out a complete system check. We inspect for leaks and ensure no gas is lost within the established 1-20 grams each year.

    Second, our team vacuums your air conditioning system. We do this to eliminate any moisture that may be present in the auto air conditioning system. Getting rid of the moisture protects the system from corrosion. Additionally, it remains in good shape for years.

    Third, we recharge your system using oil. Also, we use the advocated R134a refrigerant gas. The refrigerant features a dye. Because of this, we can check for leaks more easily, in case your car air conditioning has a problem in the future. 

    Air conditioning repairs

    Our air conditioning contractor in Cairns efficiently undertakes repairs of all types of ducted and split system air conditioning units. Additionally, we offer a quick and reliable service turnaround. So call us, and our skilled team will restore coolness in your home! 

    Your air conditioner may be dripping, noisy or inefficient. In that case, we will give you a fast and reliable repair service. We have friendly and qualified technicians who repair all brands and types of air conditioners. Australian Construction diagnoses, quotes and repairs all commercial and domestic systems. For us, no job is too small or big.


    We have years of experience in the air conditioning industry. Our friendly team has knowledge and experience. For this reason, we work with you for all your cooling and air conditioning needs. We assist you in finding the right air conditioner for your office or home. Additionally, we assist in all your cooling and refrigeration needs. 

      We look forward to hearing from you today so we can meet all your air conditioning needs!