Effective Air Conditioning Contractor Services In Canberra

Canberra Air Conditioning Contractor

Canberra Air Conditioning Contractor

    Australian Construction provides different air conditioning services. We offer maintenance and repairs. Additionally, we offer installations. For this reason, our air conditioning contractor in Canberra is your one-stop-shop. The reason is we avail all your air conditioning system’s needs. Also, we meet all your evaporative system’s requirements.

    We repair and service all brands and types of domestic air-conditioning systems. It includes multi-head split systems and evaporative cooling systems. Also, we offer reverse cycle (ducted and wall hung split systems). Our company is proud of being reliable. Furthermore, we offer quality work. More importantly, we provide remarkable customer service.

    At Australian Construction, we are air conditioning specialists, and we aim to present transparent pricing. Given this, we offer flat rate servicing. Moreover, we include labour costs and flat rate servicing. There are no hidden costs or surprises. 

    The air conditioning contractor in Canberra has vast experience. So we have serviced, repaired and installed the most popular evaporative and air conditioning cooling systems. It includes undertaking warranty work on the latest technologies and systems.


    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that your air conditioning system has to work efficiently at all times. Similarly, your evaporative cooling system has to work perfectly throughout. It applies to the hottest summer afternoon and coldest winter night. Your air conditioning system may be flashing a fault code. Or perhaps it is not working as efficiently as it should. In that case, get in touch with us.

    Under those circumstances, we will book a skilled technician. They will visit your premises and check your air conditioning system. Consequently, we will give you a detailed quotation.  It indicates the required replacement parts. Likewise, it shows the labour costs for repairing your system fast and smoothly.

    Air conditioning maintenance & repairs

    Your air conditioner may stop working suddenly. Or maybe it is not functioning as efficiently as before. Perhaps you have noticed a sudden increase in your energy bills. Whatever the problem, we can help!

    Our team offers a regular maintenance service. Because of this, we ensure your air conditioning unit runs perfectly. This service includes tagging and testing. We also carry out parts replacements and troubleshooting. The air conditioning contractor in Canberra handles different kinds of systems. 

    For example, we work on evaporative, ducted or split-system cooling. For this reason, we are fully equipped. We, therefore, carry out minor or extensive repairs. Furthermore, we can resolve many cooling related problems on the first visit. After every appointment, Australian Construction presents a maintenance report copy to you. In this manner, our team efficiently diagnoses and resolves any more arising issues.


    We appreciate that every home is different. Also, we know that clients need change. Given this, we provide obligation free quotations for property inspection. Additionally, we offer expert advice on the ideal system for you. You might have bought an air conditioning system. Therefore, you need installation only. In that case, we can give you an installation only quotation. 

    Air conditioning installation

    The air conditioning contractor in Canberra has vast experience in air conditioning units’ installation. In light of this, we can assist you in choosing an affordable, energy-efficient unit. Additionally, we ensure it is reliable and can meet your business or exact home needs.

    Our skilled team assists you in making a wise choice. To this end, our team advises you of the features and benefits of every cooling system. You also know the upfront and ongoing running expenses. Because of this, you know the exact amount your new cooling system will cost in the future. Also, you find out whether the unit gives you enough cooling. If you are satisfied with your choice, we install the new system at your convenience. 


    Australian Construction is a leader in providing superior cooling systems. Our skilled team gets the work done right the first time. They also do this with minimal disruption to your day.

      For the best air conditioning services in Canberra, call us today!