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Central Coast Air Conditioning Contractor

Central Coast Air Conditioning Contractor

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if you enjoyed your home throughout the year? When you have the right temperature all over the house, it enhances comfort! Because of this, Australian Construction offers a comprehensive range of solar services and air conditioning systems. 

    Our air conditioning contractor on the Central Coast provides ideal installations for offices and homes.  Moreover, we are specialists in repairs and cooling. We also install air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Our company provides services for commercial air conditioning. 

    Additionally, we provide residential air conditioning services. We serve the Central Coast and the surrounding areas. Our company offers quality installation and services. We provide reliable services for your refrigeration and air conditioning needs. 

    Residential air conditioning services

    In summer, the temperatures can reach 40 degrees. For this reason, air conditioning is a vital part of all the homes in this region. Ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning presents an ideal solution. Therefore, you can be comfortable throughout the year. 

    The air conditioning contractor on the Central Coast has vast experience in residential air conditioning. Therefore, our team has excellent skills in providing superior heating. Also, we offer cooling suggestions to residents on the Central Coast. Our team is experienced and has expertise. Because of this, we give clients suggestions on the ideal air conditioning systems. Furthermore, these solutions meet their budget and needs. 

    We provide the following residential air conditioning services:

    • Installation of air conditioning systems
    • Industry-leading brands such as Hitachi and Mitsubishi. We also provide Temperzone and Panasonic.
    • Air conditioning services, repairs and maintenance
    • Superior design services for existing and new homes.

    Our residential air conditioning solutions

    Split systems air conditioning

    We have affordable split system air -conditioning systems. In addition, they are versatile and affordable. Our team can fix the indoor system to the wall or ceiling. Alternatively, we place these systems on roofs.  We also fix the system on the floor. Not only are these systems simple to operate but efficient.

    We offer simple and elegant designs. More importantly, our split systems match your modern decors. Also, because of their advanced filtration systems, these units provide clean and filtered air. The air conditioning contractor on the Central Coast offers these systems. They are the best solution for heating small spaces or single rooms.  

    Moreover, these systems are ideal for cooling as well. 

    Ducted air conditioning system

    We offer ducted air conditioning systems. For this reason, you enjoy heating and cooling in your entire home. Our experts install these systems into existing and new homes. 

    These ducted systems facilitate ‘zoned’ air conditioning flexibility. Zoning enables the control of particular areas and rooms. Consequently, it maximises comfort and efficiency. Ducted systems offer an excellent option for controlling temperature throughout the year. Also, they are reticent. Hence, they improve indoor air quality.

    Twin Lakes Air & Solar Commercial Operations

    This type of system offers complete commercial air conditioning (HAVAC) services. We are proud of our quick and transparent service. Our work is also high quality. 

    The air conditioning contractor on the Central Coast designs and installs complete mechanical service projects. We utilise industry-leading brands and offer efficient systems that suit each project. Our company is the top choice for superior commercial air conditioning services.


    Our competent team specialises in residential and commercial preventative breakdown and maintenance needs. Also, we suggest the most efficient cooling and heating solutions. Apart from this, we advise the best refrigeration, ducting and ventilation solutions. 

    Australian Construction is proud to diagnose issues of all types. Small or big, whether the issue concerns a new inverter or old system, we have your back. Our customer satisfaction is a priority to us. Because of this, we have positive results. 

      It will be our pleasure to provide our quality air conditioning services to you, so call us now!