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The Best Air Conditioning Installation & Repair Services In Darwin

    If your cooling unit is blowing hot air or making strange noises, our air conditioning contractor in Darwin gives you durable repairing solutions at an affordable cost.

    Are you looking for professionals to handle your air conditioning repair and service? Has your air conditioning unit failed, or has it stopped performing like before?

    Do not worry, as Australian Construction is here to assist. We provide business and home owners with special maintenance programs and stress-free air conditioning services.

    Where air conditioner repairs are concerned, we recommend our highly proficient team. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to providing you with top quality standards of service.

    Reliable and fast air conditioning services

    Our qualified team regularly services your air conditioning system to optimise its life span and ensure it runs at maximum efficiency. We provide business and home owners in Darwin with superior air conditioning maintenance solutions.

    Our air conditioning contractor in Darwin has years of experience in the industry, and we offer brilliant artistry, quick turnaround and straightforward service.

    These are among our routine air conditioning services:

    • Making all flare nuts tight to avoid gas leaks
    • We examine all the electrical connections and tighten them.
    • We inspect, evaluate and test existing electrical components draw.
    • Our team examines the entire duct job to ensure no air leaks occur.
    • We check and regulates the suitable airflow all through the air conditioning unit.

    Australian Construction technicians are highly skilled and licensed. They are experts in servicing all big brands like Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Kelvinator, etc. Our company is well equipped for servicing all kinds of units like split systems, reverse cycle, multi-split, central, and evaporative cooling systems.

    Electronic rust proofing services

    You need to be aware of the rusting problems that affect your electronic equipment’s surface, for instance, a new air conditioning or vehicle. Your vehicle is regularly exposed to the harsh weather in Australia.  Do not worry if you have tried rust proofing without success.  

    Our firm provides top quality electronic rust proofing. We have superior quality electronic rust proofing that is newer and presents an advanced type, guaranteeing results. Use our anti-rusting method to protect your electronic equipment or car’s value.

    Our team has worked in this sector for years and specialise in providing an effective anti-rusting solution for your underground pipelines, electronic equipment, cars, offshore oil rigs, bridges, and different expensive investments at a cost-friendly rate.

    The functioning of electronic rust proofing

    The air conditioning contractor’s anti-electronic procedure involves replacing the old-fashioned coating techniques to utilise electricity to prevent corrosion of metal or steel.

    Outdoor split air conditioning system close to the ocean or harsh weather is more susceptible to rusting.  We highly recommend our effective rust proofing for these types of units, particularly the ones set on high-rise structures.

    This procedure reduces the prevalence of the chemical reaction between moisture, salt, chemicals and oxygen, leading to rust formation. Our competent team designs the rusting procedure to reach and protect spaces where the standard rust sprays are unable to reach, for instance, metal panels like:

    • Sills, pillars and roof
    • Boot, bonnet and doors
    • Under body

    Why we are unique

    We have gathered a team of highly experienced licensed technicians who offer efficient rust proofing solutions to increase your air conditioning unit’s durability through the years. We offer our services for residential and commercial purposes.

    Our company’s air conditioning contractor in Darwin aims to sustain a rust free solution for your equipment and vehicles, eliminating invasion corrosion possibilities.

    Rusting damages your car’s air conditioning systems, and replacing the parts is costly if there is no proper maintenance. Choose our sophisticated rust proofing solutions to increase your air conditioning unit’s resale value and make it more durable. 

    Air conditioning cleaning

    Australian Construction offers a highly professional air conditioning cleaning service. We are specialists in sanitising and washing split systems, ducts, and window and cassette units.

    Our skilled team ensures that they clean your air conditioner carefully to sustain a healthy and fresh air quality, leading to a healthier life.

    Benefits of choosing us

    Protect your well being, make your air cooler conserve energy and save a significant amount of money in the process. With our specialised cleaning services, you maintain standards when providing comprehensive cleaning, ensuring that you fully benefit and are happy with the result.

    Our service promises:

    Your units’ Improved energy efficiency

    When an air conditioning system is unclean, it needs to carry out the heating and cooling functions effectively. Because of this, it uses more power to complete the job.

    Using our comprehensive cleaning services facilitates the efficient cooling of your air conditioner after cleaning it thoroughly. When your air conditioner is clean, it can save up to 30% power usage (hat unit).

    Cleaner and healthier air

    Heat pumps present the most obvious areas for microbial contamination. With time, your cooler experiences bacteria, fungus and moulds infection. Whenever the air conditioning is turned on, the contaminants become airborne, endangering allergy and asthma patients.

    Our comprehensive cleaning solution eliminates all these microbial, facilitating the movement of cleaner and healthier breathing air.

    Air conditioning system that lasts long

    You might think that cleaning your air cooler’s filler is sufficient for it to remain clean and well-maintained. But, this is only part of it because the base is still unclean.

    We clean air conditioning units thoroughly, making them more efficient, using reduced power to carry out the warming and cooling. It prolongs its lifespan, ensuring you do not have to repair or replace your air conditioning unit regularly.


    Our air conditioning contractor in Darwin serves residential and commercial services at cost-effective costs. We have vast experience, giving us significant expertise and knowledge to deliver the ideal cleaning, installation and repair solutions for different air conditioning units. 

    Therefore, whether you have a ductless, central air conditioner, portable, window, geothermal or hybrid air conditioning, our team is skilled in handling all the types and brands to perfection.

    So, for expert air conditioning cleaning, repairing, installation and maintenance in Darwin, call us now!