Professional Air Conditioning Contractor In Geelong

Geelong Air Conditioning Contractor

Geelong Air Conditioning Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in the industrial air conditioning sector. We offer design, maintenance and installation. Moreover, our highly skilled technicians help in the smooth running of your equipment. So, it minimises downtime through our competitive service. Additionally, our air conditioning contractor in Geelong provides preventive maintenance contracts.

    We are proud of our team’s quality. More importantly, we have a unique combination of fully qualified and skilled workers. They are mechanical engineers and electricians.  We also have refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics. Our team has all the applicable sector accreditations. 

    Therefore, they can help you with various air conditioning services. For example, we offer air conditioning maintenance, service, and installation and design needs. Australian Construction endeavours to give you quality service and advice. Our top priority is our clients, and we offer assistance after the first transaction. 

    Commercial air conditioning

    We have experienced industrial and commercial air conditioning contractors. Therefore, they help you with all your commercial cooling and heating service needs. Our air conditioning contractor in Geelong services single floor properties and plant-based systems. 

    In addition, our services are available for multilevel buildings and individual units. Whatever your requirements we have the knowledge to do the work. Australian Construction has complete access to various globally popular distributors and manufacturers. If you want large-scale coolers and heaters to provide durable, unique performance, choose our air conditioning.

    Commercial heating & cooling

    We use top manufacturers like Temperzone and Mitsubishi Electric. Our products are top quality, and our competent design team ensures they meet all your needs. The air conditioning contractor in Geelong provides reliability and excellence. 

    We offer commercial heating and cooling system for schools and offices. Our vast experience gives us the essential knowledge to perform various tasks. Also, we carry out air conditioning design, maintenance and installation. Furthermore, we handle air conditioning repairs in commercial properties. 

    Australian Construction commercial air conditioning services have benefited the following commercial premises:

    • Public buildings
    • Retail shopping centres
    • Aged care facilities
    • Factory buildings
    • Shops
    • Warehouses
    • Multilevel buildings
    • Entertainment and hospitality areas and more

    For commercial heating & cooling systems, we provide:

    • Emergency breakdown service (24/7) with a guaranteed response
    • Workshop facilities
    • Tailored services
    • Complete system refurbishment
    • Quality assurance
    • Control system upgrades
    • Fully qualified electricians
    • Computerised file management and much more

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate the importance of cooling and heating systems. They maintain functionality and profitability in commercial properties. For this reason, we rank top for air conditioning repairs, maintenance and installation of office and commercial air conditioning units. To find out more about these systems, call us today.

    Commercial air conditioners preventative maintenance     

    Our air conditioning contractor in Geelong also provides affordable and tailored preventative air conditioning maintenance. It pre-empts faults, and that can trigger significant failure in your system. As a result, you save money. This maintenance ensures your system will run at maximum efficiency.

    Likewise, you will avoid your system going off. For example, system breakdowns and failures happen unexpectedly. In the long run, this not only saves you money but also gives you peace of mind. It is because you will have an operational system you can depend on to regulate temperatures efficiently.

    Commercial air conditioner system design

    An inefficient air conditioning system uses a lot more power compared to a well-maintained system. For this reason, we carry out tweaks and maintenance. Thus, your system runs perfectly. More importantly, you will get an instant return on your investment.


    Make sure your air-conditioning remains in optimal condition with Australian Construction air conditioning services. We assess all aspects of your air conditioning. Our expert team gives you professional air conditioning advice, repairs and maintenance. 

    Additionally, we offer you seamless installation and repair. Moreover, we give you a system that offers you comfort. You also save on energy use, and costs and your system lasts for years.

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