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The Best Air Conditioning Services On The Gold Coast

    Our air conditioning contractor on the Gold Coast consists of a team of experts who specialise in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining your ducted air con or split system.

    From commercial sites, high-rise buildings and residential homes, Australian Construction provide superior quality split system air conditioning services and mechanical ventilation solutions.

    Our committed team strongly believes in forging useful long-term relationships with our customers through friendly, expert and courteous service.

    Whether you need a new split system or ducted air conditioning refit, replacement or installation, our staff appreciates the importance of presenting the correct solution, from design and production selection to continuous support, ensuring we meet your service and quality needs.

    Home air conditioning

    If you need a solution for your living space, bedroom or something different, our blend of design, expertise and technology will provide you with the most efficient and effective air conditioning solution.

    Choosing the appropriate air conditioning system depends on various elements like the size of the space you want to heat or cool, the number of rooms and the layout, structure and design of your building, the aesthetics you wish to attain and your budget.

    Varying from fully ducted installations to a simple split-system, home owners can anticipate a cost-effective, stress-free and fulfilling experience when dealing with Australian Construction.

    Commercial air conditioning

    We specialise in mechanical ventilation and commercial air conditioning. Our competent team gives you access to design services, in-house planning and installations and continuous service and support. We guarantee quality and peace of mind. 

    Our air conditioning contractor on the Gold Coast has been a leader in this industry for years, and we are proud to provide the ideal outcomes for your commercial projects today and in the future.

    Our experienced team works closely with consultants, developers and builders to ensure a compliant, economic and efficient project.

    Split systems

    Our split air conditioning units are best for one room or area and are more affordable than ducted air conditioning where the installation is concerned. These systems consist of an outdoor compressor like a floor standing unit, indoor wall-mounted, or ceiling mounted. Split systems are used for the reverse cycle (for cooling and heating) or cooling only.

    They are easy to install and present various designer style options. Modern split systems also de-humidify and filter the air through sophisticated filtration mechanisms that offer fresh and clean air while trapping tiny particles and producing deodorising and antibacterial impacts.

    Multi-split systems

    The air conditioning contractor’s multi-head system presents a cost-effective system to air condition in many areas of your home. It facilitates a single door unit (condenser) for linking to various indoor head systems or fan coil units, enabling you to control each room.

    With multi-split systems, you can cool a maximum of nine areas with the assurance that you have a standard and top quality system. Our experienced team connects the units to floor-standing, wall-mounted, ducted, ceiling cassette or bulk-head systems.

    Personal needs and room design determine it.  Multi-head split units are a wonderful choice if you do not have space for an exterior compressor or roof area for ductwork.

    Ducted systems

    Our company designs and installs tailored ducted units that add a touch of discreet sophistication to your home, making it more enjoyable and comfortable on hot and cold days. We can tailor-design a ducted system for existing or new buildings.

    It includes an outdoor condenser/compressor that is linked to the indoor unit using insulated refrigerant pipes. The indoor system carries air along with supple ductwork to every room via air vents in chosen areas. We place it discreetly in the wall, floors or ceiling.

    The design of Australian Construction ducted systems is meant to work in zoned spaces, enabling you to manage temperatures in different areas to suit your lifestyle or buildings’ needs.

    It also switches off in rooms when not being used, providing environmental energy efficacy.  Using our inverter technology provides systems that check and maintain a constant temperature at a reduced overall price to traditional ducted skill. 

    The advantages include lowered energy use and running expenses, fewer voltage peaks, quicker start-up period and attaining the required temperature faster. There is no temperature fluctuation, and the operation is quiet.

    Bulkhead systems

    Our bulkhead systems are best for air conditioning rooms where you prefer a discreet installation. Our indoor units are hidden in your ceiling and sit flat on the wall.

    Only the release grills and air intake is noticeable inside your house. We mainly install bulkhead units above the kitchen joinery or bedroom wardrobes to fit easily with your home’s interior. It optimises your wall space for fittings and furnishings, providing an elegant look.

    Commercial solutions

    Our air conditioning contractor on the Gold Coast appreciates the importance of giving you comfortable surroundings in areas with rising demands. We have vast experience in designing, installing and maintaining units for:

    VRF (Variable refrigerant flow) and VRV (Variable refrigerant volume) are top-notch climate control technologies. Modern air conditioning units condition every room individually.

    It enables the inhabitant of every section of a building to control their area’s temperature. Using our VRV systems, it is possible to control the temperature precisely. 

    The user fixes the ambient temperature using their control panel, making the system maintain the area at that temperature regardless of what is happening in the next room or outside.

    It also signifies that you can cool one section of a building while heating another one. Our VRF & VRV are effective large-scale air conditioning units best for commercial applications.

    CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) systems

    A CRAC (computer room air conditioning) system checks the temperature and maintains it as well as the humidity and air distribution in a computer network area or data centre.

    Computer racks or mainframes of servers produce a lot of heat. Therefore, climate control presents an important element of the data centre’s structure, preventing costly computer systems from overheating.


    At Australian Construction, we know it is important to give you the correct solution from design and choosing the product, to continuous support. Our team makes sure we meet your quality and service expectations. We aim to satisfy you with our services and products fully.

    Please allow us to serve you today, and we guarantee you will not regret it!