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Hobart Air Conditioning Contractor

Hobart Air Conditioning Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in air conditioning installation. We are committed to keeping our clients relaxed and cool! For us, no job is too small or big. Furthermore, we aim to provide customer satisfaction on all our projects. Also, our air conditioning contractor in Hobart offers various air conditioning systems. 

    More importantly, we provide our services at affordable rates to meet your particular needs. When you work with us, our qualified service technicians consult with you. As a result, we find out your needs and help you get the ideal air conditioning system you can afford. Our company is proud to work hard at all times. It ensures not only affordability but also quality.

    You may want air conditioning for a small house or entire office building. In that case, our highly experienced and trained contractors deliver fast and quality services. Additionally, our services are reliable.

    Commercial systems

    Australian Construction works with worldwide market innovators and leaders. Because of this, our brands present sustainable air conditioning and heating solutions. Our services are available for commercial application. So the air conditioning contractor in Hobart offers several products to meet all your needs.

    We have various Air handling units and chillers. Also, we present packaged units and different commercial systems. Our company provides unique solutions. As a result, it is easy to analyse and monitor your systems. Consequently, we manage its performance efficiently.

    Residential systems

    We offer quality air conditioning and heating systems. Given this, our systems are energy efficient and quiet. Moreover, they give people at home constant comfort. Our air conditioning contractor in Hobart offers various residential air conditioning products. We offer the following range:

    • Cassettes
    • Hi-wall units
    • Ducted & Mini VRF systems

    We work with the top and iconic brands. For this reason, they help us provide intelligent energy solutions.

    Fit out Solutions

    Australian Construction designs and executes HVAC Fit-Out solutions. Additionally, we offer top quality complexities and standard. As a result, we provide a complete working system. Our team works on the planning and design stage. We also handle equipment specifications and cost control. In addition, we undertake commissioning, quality standards and site visits.

    The air conditioning contractor in Hobart has full in-house design abilities. Another critical point is that our team of skilled Project Managers is behind our success. Our staff understands the design and build fit-out market. Hence we appreciate the need for expert design and compliant installation method.

    After-sales support

    Our company values after-sales service, and so we provide preventative maintenance. It includes breakdown and repair jobs. Because we have a skilled technical team, we always offer ideal services. Consequently, we prevent technical problems from interrupting the clients’ operations. Australian Construction offers efficient and reliable solutions.

    We work with the HVAC industry global leaders. Due to this, we have the advantage of offering reliable systems. Coupled with this, we have a highly trained team from reputable institutions in Australia.

    Boilers, furnaces & mini splits

    The air conditioning contractor in Hobart aims to offer superior heating system maintenance and installation. We also give our valued clients repair services. You may be the owner of a single-family home or a more prominent building. In that case, we design a heating solution that ideally serves your requirements.


    Australian Construction offers top-level quality. Furthermore, we implement this quality in all our heating and air conditioning installation projects. Reliable and highly experienced staff carries out our projects. Our prices are affordable and reasonable, and we offer various heating systems that suit your budget and needs. We understand that you depend on your air conditioner during the warm season.

    For this reason, we undertake our air conditioning work methodically and with precision. Working with us gives you industry experience, flexible appointments and reasonable rates. Avoid taking risks with your home or business.

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