Specialist Air Conditioning Contractor In Launceston

Launceston Air Conditioning Contractor

Launceston Air Conditioning Contractor

    Australian Construction provides air conditioning services. Our air conditioning contractor in Launceston changes the feel and comfort of your remises. Whether it’s a complex or small shop, we give our customers a wonderful experience. We have different applications. Because of this, we meet the needs and purposes of every application. 

    It may be hard for you to choose a specific type of commercial air conditioning. The reason is you need to know specific details and make a decision. Additionally, it is not easy to install air conditioners. It needs expert skill and careful thought. For this reason, please allow Australian Construction to do the work for you.

    Our company is among the best suppliers of commercial air conditioning. Moreover, we offer ideal services and products you can rely on. We work with popular air conditioners. Additionally, we handle design and installation as well as future installation.

    Commercial air conditioning maintenance & repairs

    Get ready for summer and the humidity. Given this, use our preventative commercial air conditioning maintenance solutions. Our air conditioning contractor in Launceston provides energy efficiency. 

    We offer systems ducted air con and split system air conditioning. Additionally, we provide light commercial air conditioning units. Also, we offer all types of air conditioners. Because of this, you are assured of the ideal flow of cool air on your premises. At times it is hard to recognise an air conditioning’s issue. However, proper maintenance determines the problem. 

    Allow us to take the burden from you. In light of this, our competent commercial air conditioning technicians offer regular maintenance. For this reason, your air conditioning remains energy efficient. Moreover, it operates in peak condition.

    We suggest frequent maintenance for your air conditioning units. It especially applies to split systems. For this reason, you can avoid any unnecessary repairs. Consequently, your air conditioner works efficiently.

    Installing residential air conditioning 

    Does your home need residential air conditioning installation? Are you fed up with sweating and experiencing discomfort during extreme weather in Launceston? Under these circumstances, we can assist so call us now for a free consultation. 

    One of the Australian Construction residential air conditioning professionals will give you the best services for your home. Furthermore, we will meet all your air conditioning requirements.

    Your home is a sanctuary. So, do not allow summer days to prevent you from enjoying your home. Get in touch with us today. One of our residential air conditioning professionals will ensure you enjoy your summer.

    Commercial repairs

    Our air conditioning contractor appreciates the importance of an efficient air conditioning unit. Moreover, a stable work environment is essential. It enables a business to run successfully. You might ensure that your system is in optimal condition. 

    However, the unexpected can occur, and you need assistance to restore your unit. Because of this, our top priority is repairing your air conditioning unit fast. As a result, your business operates as normal.  

    We provide our commercial services to:

    • Bars
    • Clubs
    • Home businesses
    • Small and large businesses
    • Offices
    • High rise buildings
    • Strata blocks
    • Cafes and restaurants
    • Commercial ducted air conditioning units

    We install a fully ducted air conditioning unit. As a result, it gives your family remarkable comfort at the press of a button! Including ducted air conditioning systems in your business is ideal. It offers comfort control but is not visually intrusive. 

    The air conditioning contractor in Launceston provides affordable commercial ducted air conditioning. More importantly, we offer an efficient method of controlling your business’ temperature.


    If you need superior air-conditioning, talk to the experts at Australian Construction. Our skilled technicians’ design, consult and install air conditioning systems. We do this not only efficiently but also fast. 

      Hire us for the most efficient air conditioning services in Launceston!