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The Best Air Conditioning Experience With A Professional Air Conditioning Contractor In Melbourne

    Our air conditioning contractor in Melbourne is dedicated to providing quick and precise home owners air conditioning repair services all over Melbourne.

    It can be very frustrating to come home to an air conditioner that is not working. Whether it is because of a faulty thermostat, a leaking unit, frozen coil, or wrong refrigerant levels, an expert cooling technician from Australian Construction will find out the source of the issue and resolve it safely.  

    We aim to deliver unique services with each job to enable you to resume your routine fast. Our experienced team gives our customers professional diagnosis, superior quality solutions, lasting peace of mind, easy scheduling and repair or replacement options.

    When to seek expert repair

    In case your air conditioner has had issues for a long time, call our reliable AC technician to determine the problem. Our licensed AC contractor will present you with a correct diagnosis and give you helpful recommendations. The air conditioning contractor will examine your system to determine the origin of the issue and give you the best solution. 

    Signs that may indicate air conditioning issues:

    • Isolated warm/cold spots
    • Your air quality indoors drops.
    • Unexpected increase in the energy costs
    • Fluctuating temperatures

    Advantages of quick service

    Avoid waiting for the air conditioning issues to worsen. Call the air conditioning contractor for expert service when problems arise or when your AC begins to impact your indoor comfort and air quality. Our team of experts will highlight the problems and warn you of possible issues, enabling you to avoid more future headaches.

    The air conditioning contractor gives you quick service and also helps to prevent expensive repairs. When our skilled team detects these problems early, it makes it simpler to solve, lowering the costs.

    When you work with certified contractors, you also have access to expert advice. We give you an honest opinion and present you with affordable options. The professional team informs you whether they will carry out a quick repair or whether your system requires complete replacement.

    Air conditioning installation

    Do you want an experienced and qualified air conditioning expert in Melbourne? The experts at our company have installed air conditioning systems for years. Call us today to book a consultation. 

    Because of the heat and humidity in this area, having an A/C system installed is not a mere luxury but a necessity. However, it can be challenging to get a suitable air conditioner installation firm. Look no further than our air conditioning contractor in Melbourne.

    Professional installation of new A/C system

    If you want to install an air conditioning system or replace an old one in your home, you need professional installation. You require our experienced and trained technician who knows the state and local building codes and safety needs.

    Our team of skilled technicians will replace your central air conditional fast and efficiently.  Another benefit of hiring our licensed air conditioning contractor for your installation is that you will be facilitating a longer service life for your system.

    Regular maintenance and service

    Another effective method of prolonging your new air conditioning system’s life is to ask our competent team to check and maintain it each spring. During a yearly service and maintenance visit, the HVAC technicians carry out a series of diagnostic tests and make adjustments if necessary. 

    We examine the condenser coils, ensuring they do not need cleaning and check the air filter, replacing it if necessary; we also examine the evaporator unit.

    When you let our team service your air conditioning system regularly, it helps prolong its life. Also, it allows it to run energy-efficiently, minimising your utility costs and helps to avoid possible breakdowns during the hottest periods of the year when you most need it.

    Complete installation & replacement and air handler repair

    The air handler presents a crucial element of your air conditioning and heating system.  This section draws the air in and filters airborne specks from it, and moves it through the heating or cooling procedure and via the ducts to access the rooms of your Melbourne home. If it fails to work, the fresh air will not reach your vents, whether you’re A/C can cool or your furnace is producing heat.

    The suitable air handler repair firm

    In old fashioned heating and air conditioning mechanisms, the air handler presents an in-built component. But, some home comfort systems such as heat pumps need a different air handler. To replace or repair your home’s air handler, you need a technician from who possesses the essential knowledge and skills to handle the job.

    The person needs thorough training in the component’s intricate workings. Our professionals at Australian Construction have this type of air handler training and experience.

    How to maintain a healthy air handler

    Although you cannot repair an air handler on your own, there are some tasks you can carry out to help lengthen its life and ensure its effective running. First, ensure you examine the air filter each month and replace it every three months or any time it appears dirty, whichever happens first.

    Another brilliant method of protecting your air handler is hiring our trained team to maintain and service your heating and air conditioning system at home. We run tests during these yearly visits and carry out essential changes to maintain your air handlers’ top form. 

    Furnace repair

    As the temperature reduces, we all rely on our furnace to maintain comfort in our homes. When it breaks down, it triggers discomfort because it is challenging to keep warm. It is comforting to know you can hire a skilled furnace repair firm like ours to help.


    The Australian Construction team has expert knowledge in air conditioning and fault finding service. We work methodically with our trade partners, giving you the ideal service, quality and value for your money.

    Our team is highly enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated, and we deliver to your expectations. Their attention to detail approach makes us the go-to-firm in Melbourne for all your air conditioning needs.

    It will be our pleasure to serve you, so call us today!