Choose The Ideal Air Conditioning Contractor In Melton

Melton Air Conditioning Contractor

Melton Air Conditioning Contractor

    Australian Construction is renowned for quality air conditioning services. We provide various commercial maintenance services. Also, we offer commercial design and installation. Our air conditioning contractor in Melton delivers numerous benefits.

    For example, we provide commercial air conditioning and ductless mini-splits. We also offer heating services, controls and thermostats. Moreover, we provide indoor air quality services and commercial HVAC services. The air conditioning contractor in Melton also offers furnace and heat pump repair.  

    Because of our light, commercial HVAC services, locals have a dependable service. Consequently, their businesses run smoothly every day. These services include expert commercial installation, maintenance and repairs.

    Commercial air conditioning (HVAC)

    Australian Construction provides full expertise on different systems. We offer these systems to meet the clients’ needs. As a result, we maintain suitable energy options and temperature control. We offer new commercial air conditioning services. These services include systems we calculate with design analysis software. Likewise, we balance and certify the air quantities to match the conditions. 

    The air conditioning contractor has different commercial air conditioning equipment. For this reason, we assist you with installation. We appreciate it is vital for your business to maintain the effective running of the air-con systems. It is also essential to have continuous maintenance. For example, we offer our contracted clients 24/7 emergency breakdown services.

    The Australian Construction team has extensive knowledge of all areas of commercial air conditioning (HVAC). Furthermore, our team handles design, engineering and maintenance. We are specialists in offering commercial air conditioning services. 

    Our clients include government education and healthcare. Additionally, we serve agribusiness sectors in different ways. For instance, we offer services like one-off installations or repairs. We also provide maintenance contracts. Our top priority is efficacy in all our projects. 

    Therefore, we tailor all our air conditioning services. For this reason, our services meet our clients’ requirements. Likewise, we implement our comprehensive air conditioning knowledge. Similarly, we pay significant attention to detail in all our jobs. Due to this, we offer reliable systems. Given this, the systems withstand the tough Australian surrounding.

    Professional AC repairs

    Your AC system can overwork during hot summer weather. Working each day to keep the family cool can strain the system. When your unit fails you can count on our help at Australian Construction. 

    Air conditioning repair

    Our competent team is available at your request. The technicians are specially trained. So they repair all AC equipment models and brand. Your assigned technician thoroughly assesses all system components. Because of this, they establish the source of the problem. Then they undertake repairs, and the family becomes comfortable once more!

    Expert AC repair company

    We have NATE-certified technicians with extensive training. Also, it gives them the necessary expertise for troubleshooting minor AC problems. In addition, they diagnose complex issues. First, the technician checks whether a burned-out or worn component causes the problem. 

    They also check whether there is frozen or corroded evaporator coil. Also, they find out whether there is a refrigerant or electrical issue. Our technicians have training in following suitable protocols. They are also trained to diagnose the problem and complete the repair.

    Our quality repair service

    At Australian Construction, our service technicians work hard always to offer the following qualities:

    • They are creative in solving the AC repair problems they handle daily.
    • The team completes each project with the highest technical precision.
    • They continuously improve their AC repair skills and diagnostic instincts.


    Our air conditioning contractor in Melton has a range of air conditioning solutions. For this reason, we handle all your air conditioning issues. It is the reason we help with system sizing and selection. We do this before offering expert installation. 

    Additionally, we offer periodic maintenance and repairs. These services are essential for each AC system. Therefore it works well over time. Apart from this, we service all AC models and brands.

      It will be our pleasure to meet all your air conditioning needs so contact us today!