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Expert Air Conditioning Services In Newcastle

    At Australian Construction services our air conditioning contractor in Newcastle has every air-con unit you need for heating and cooling your areas at the temperature you want. We are your leading air conditioning firm in Newcastle.

    We are specialists in designing, installing and maintaining superior quality split and ducted system air conditioning. Our split system air conditioning systems are ideal for smaller spaces like small offices and your homes.

    Whatever the kind of space you have, our competent team will help you get the ideal air conditioning system to suit your precise requirements.

    Where air conditioning is essential

    Our air conditioning engineers split our air conditioning applications into two:  comfort and process:

    Comfort applications are meant to ensure that an indoor building environment is still moderately constant, despite variations in internal heat loads or external weather conditions. We classify comfort applications as:

    • High-rise residential structures
    • Commercial buildings
    • Sport stadiums
    • Institutional buildings
    • Industrial areas where workers need thermal comfort
    • Low-rise residential structures

    On the other hand, our process applications aim to give you a suitable surrounding for the procedure we carry out. The process needs to determine the conditions, not human choice.

    Australian Construction process applications include:

    • Nuclear power facilities
    • Processing and food cooking areas
    • Biological and chemical laboratories
    • Hospital operating theatres
    • Ducted air conditioning

    Our ducted air conditioning unit is best for a big commercial or whole-house area. The reason is it presents control for the whole building.

    Controlling the temperature is easy.

    Newcastle has chilly winters and warm summers. A reverse cycle ducted air conditioning unit enables the residents to control their homes’ or offices’ temperatures all through the varying seasons. It offers them comfort throughout the year and quality climate control. 

    This system runs using a wall-mounted control for simple fan and thermostat speed adjustment. It usually offers average multi-zone temperature management capability with the inclusion of air-louvre-control boxes.

    It is easy to change each room’s temperature with our central control system and may include elements like remote temperature sensors and multiple room controllers. Our team also links this system to a home automation unit that facilitates an off and on control that a phone line activates.

    Application and budget-friendly

    Our air conditioning contractor in Newcastle designs ducted air conditioning to fit any application or budget and is inconspicuous and quiet.

    The only visible parts are the grills we mount in ceilings or the floors, and the ducted air conditioning unit does not interfere with a room’s overall appearance like a wall-hung system. 

    The reason is it blends easily with the area’s existing design. It also adapts to all the ceiling equipment that produces noise, beneath the floor or outside. It is also one of our quietest air conditioning choices.

    This air conditioning system is mainly useful in shopping malls, big spaces, galleries, and large halls. The ducted air conditioning unit can produce a significant air conditioning quantity to regulate the large enclosed spaces’ temperature.

    In cases like these, it is more affordable to install ducted air conditioning instead of installing wall-hung systems in all rooms. When we add ducted air conditioning to your room, it improves a building’s or house’s resale value.

    Safest kind of air conditioning

    The present ducted air conditioning units also use R410A. It describes an environmentally friendly refrigerant. It does not harm the ozone layer and is the safest choice for existing models of air conditioning.

    Reverse cycle air con

    You can avoid the strain of moving around during months of harsh weather conditions like winter and summer. Your trusted air conditioning contractor in Newcastle can help you achieve cooler air during summer and warmer air during winter. Using our ducted air conditioning units and reverse cycle split system, you can be comfortable every day.

    Reverse cycle advanced technology (dual capacity air conditioning)

    The air conditioning contractor in Newcastle that we have provides you with a split system and reverse cycle air conditioners. These are the newest in air conditioning technology.

    It has the strength of two in a single air conditioning system. With the reverse cycle dual capability, you can cool your area down and heat it.

    We have the ideal kind of reverse cycle air conditioner for your requirements. Our team has worked in Newcastle and the surrounding areas for years, giving businesses and homes the enhanced air they deserve.

    Our air conditioning experts are skilled enough to offer you optimal indoor comfort throughout the year with our reverse cycle aircon units.

    You may have a relatively small space, or you have an open floor style, or you want a quiet operating air-con system or have a health issue that needs cooler and cleaner air; in these instances, we advise you that the ideal option is a reverse cycle split unit for your space.

    If your space is ample or you wish to install air conditioning for many partitions or rooms, want to retain your room’s look or wish to have an affordable air-con system, the split air conditioning unit is ideal.

    Split air conditioning

    A split system describes one with two key components that are placed separately. One is in the building’s interior while the other is outside.

    How split system air conditioning works

    The split system air conditioning divides the cold side from the hot side of the system and pipes that carry the two units’ refrigerant. The functions of these two components are different.

    The cold side, features the cold coil and expansion valve that distributes air all over the structure. The hot part situated outside, known as the condensing unit, makes the air cool and handles condensation.


    Where cooling your home or business is concerned, you can depend on our team’s experience to ensure you get the ideal air conditioning system. We have eco-friendly air conditioners to cool your property. They use an environmentally friendly refrigerant that decreases ozone-harming gas emissions.

    Our expert team can also help you with fast domestic air conditioners repairs and frequent maintenance services, ensuring your machine’s efficient working.

    Contact us today, and we will be happy to fulfil all your air conditioning needs in Newcastle!