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Hire A Professional Air Conditioning Contractor In Perth

We have a team of highly qualified service people, and we understand the air conditioning sector, giving you quality service. Our air conditioning contractor in Perth repairs all models and installs residential and commercial air conditioning systems all through the Perth metro region.

Our skilled team at Australian Construction can help you if you wish to have a new air conditioning solution for your business or home or want servicing or maintenance of a commercial air con system.

We have a committed service department prepared to handle any system errors like troubleshooting and breakdowns. Call us if you are not sure what the issue is.

Analysing the cause

We appreciate that any issue with your air conditioning system can frustrate you. Our experienced team can help you in diagnosing faults affecting your air conditioning.

Following this diagnosis, we tell you beforehand how much it will cost to repair your air-con. We will give you a written quote, and if you approve it, we begin your system repairs immediately.

Repairing air conditioning system faults

Australian Construction repairs all models and makes throughout Perth. After finding out the cause of your problem, our specialised team works hard to restore your system’s functioning immediately. We mainly focus on the air con systems below, but we repair all kinds as well, so, call us to inform us of your needs:

  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Wall splits
  • Ceiling cassettes
  • VRV systems

Repairing and replacing

Perth experiences harsh weather, and you cannot compromise on heating and cooling systems. We believe it is essential to have functioning air conditioning. You may be wondering whether to replace or repair your air conditioning system if it has constant issues.

It may save you money if you replace the unit, depending on the kind of problem, instead of fixing the issue temporarily. An air conditioning contractor knows that household budgets are usually tight. It is why we give you suggestions on the most affordable solution for your needs.

If your unit’s warranty is still effective, we advise you to first talk to the manufacturer. If the warranty has expired or the unit is irreparable, it may be wise for you to replace the entire unit. We give you suggestions on which solutions and brands suit your household best.

Our brands

The air conditioning contractor we have in Perth repairs all models and makes of air conditioning units. We hire an experienced team that is conversant with various system types and brands. We remain updated with new industry practices, innovation and the latest systems to give you ideal services. 

We are happy to provide residential climate management services and commercial mechanical services sector. Our firm has a range of services from the first systems design, installation and heating commissioning, air conditioning, ventilation, repairing, servicing, and maintaining the existing equipment. 

All businesses need air conditioning for their workers’ comfort and to protect computer equipment. It helps your business to run at maximum operational ability.  If you want a big industrial solution or a small system, we guarantee you will get the ideal match for your exceptional needs.

Our company works with various commercial customers on retail, schools and office buildings, universities, and hospitality and more specialised areas like data centres.

Kinds of commercial aircon installations & products 

Commercial HVAC Units

HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilating and air conditioning. HVAC systems involve various elements, like your home air conditioner and the big systems that industrial complexes use.

We are experts at installing structures for big industrial buildings, large warehouses and office blocks. These systems manage the temperature of the air, humidity and moderates the two with air coming in from the building’s exterior.

Ceiling cassettes

This system is mainly an option for small or moderately sized office structures. Our team installs ceiling cassettes in the ceiling. It means they complement the room’s look as well.

Ceiling cassettes facilitates numerous separate units, the same as VRV systems. Depending on your requirements, this system can operate independently or simultaneously.

Ducted reverse cycle units

These kind of systems alternate from heating to cooling and provide affordable solutions. We install ducted systems in different rooms and turn them on separately or together. They help filter out contaminants in the air like dust and are ideal for people with respiratory problems or in areas with particular safety & health needs.

Evaporative coolers

The conventional air conditioning takes in the air already in your premises and passes it via a fan coil, making it cool down. It then delivers it back to the room. In evaporative cooling, however, evaporating water cools the air. Due to this mechanism, evaporative cooling units are ideal for office surroundings and significant, open areas.

The advantages of evaporative cooling are that it utilises minimal power, cutting costs on utility expenses. Evaporative coolers are safe for the surrounding since they do not use CFCs. So, they do not produce any dangerous components into the air that damage the ozone layer, making them different from old-fashioned refrigerants.

VRV reverse cycle units

Our VRV systems present a big capacity multi indoor system solution. Here, various indoor units like a cassette, wall hung indoor, and ducted units are connected to one big condensing unit. Every indoor unit features its own thermostat and control panel. So, you can achieve temperature control as needed. Australian Construction VRV systems are incredibly efficient and maintain minimal running costs.

Wall split units

Our wall split units present another popular air conditioning unit, which heats or cools single rooms. Our ductless systems have an indoor unit mounted to the wall, linked to a compressor outdoors. It is a popular option due to its appearance, it is simple to install and remove, and has minimal functioning noise level.

We use split systems when you have multiple rooms requiring various temperature settings like server rooms, data centres, and sensitive equipment.


Our firm has a committed service department eager to help with your maintenance, service or breakdown needs. We appreciate that your comfort is crucial, and we aim to provide highly effective solutions within budget and on time. 

Do not hesitate to call us today for all your air conditioning needs!