Affordable Air Conditioning Contractor In Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Air Conditioning Contractor

Port Macquarie Air Conditioning Contractor

    Australian Construction is licensed to undertake your air conditioning. We offer top quality brands at affordable rates. Moreover, we guarantee our installations. Therefore, you can have the assurance that investing in our air conditioner will give you long-term services. In addition, our air conditioning contractor in Port Macquarie is pleased to help you enjoy different weather like summer or winter. 

    We provide different units like:

    • Small split systems to suit your bedroom
    • A large split system ideal for your living room
    • A split system for each room
    • A ducted air conditioning system

    Call us today and to enhance your business or home comfort.

    Commercial air conditioning

    Businesses & office buildings

    Our air conditioning contractor in Port Macquarie is an expert in all things Panasonic. We have skilled technicians. They work with your shopfitter or builder to repair or install your air conditioner. Our range is great for storefronts or offices. We have this fantastic variety of commercial air conditioning systems:

    • Large ducted
    • Slimline ducted
    • Ducted
    • Multi split
    • Packaged units
    • Ceiling & cassette
    • Wall mounted split

    Upgrading your home

    When you invest in the Australian Construction quality air conditioning it is your home investment. Furthermore, your home will always be at the ideal temperature. Our air conditioning contractor offers supply, installation and repair services for residential clients. Our team is committed to giving you superb artistry. Additionally, we provide an efficient after-sales service. Because of this, your new air conditioner works efficiently. Our Panasonic air conditioners are not only stylish but also efficient. 

    You can opt to install these systems in multiple rooms or a single room. Alternatively, our team installs it to provide air conditioning to the entire house. Hence, it improves temperature control and air quality.

    Panasonic split system

    A split system is a popular option for air conditioning. The air conditioning contractor in Port Macquarie supplies and installs it at affordable prices. We mount the indoor wall, and it blends easily with the surroundings, as it is quiet. Meanwhile, we place the compressor outdoors, hence it is not visible. In addition, we offer multi-head systems. They use a single outdoor unit to run multiple rooms. Installing is easy so that you can use your new air conditioner within no time.

    Ducted system

    Ducted systems are well concealed. Therefore, they fit easily with your home décor. For this reason, they are popular. So you can cool or heat individual rooms. Comparatively, it works more efficiently than using a single unit to control temperature. At Australian Construction, we can assist you in installing smart controls with your air conditioner. Also, we customise it to suit your lifestyle. You can save money and energy by turning off the conditioning in a specific room. Alternatively, you can set it to turn off automatically when the home is unoccupied.

    For your home air conditioning installation call us now for a quote!

    Slim line ducted system

    The Panasonic slimline ducted unit is best for buildings and offices. It requires minimal ceiling space. Because of its compact design, it facilitates a concealed installation. These systems are simple to maintain. They are quiet and efficient as well. Given this, they are ideal for any small commercial areas.

    Ducted system

    This extensive ducted system is ideal for wide-open plan spaces. For example, they are best for restaurants or offices. They are efficient and robust. Since we fix them in the ceiling they remain unnoticed. The air conditioning contractor in Port Macquarie offers fast installations for your business.


    Our friendly team at Australian Construction provides expert air conditioning services. Because of this, we install, service and repair commercial and residential air conditioners. 

    We provide services in Port Macquarie and the surrounding areas. Our products are of the best quality. When you call us, we schedule an inspection. After that, our skilled team visits you and gives you a quote.

      So call us today for the best air conditioning in Port Macquarie!