Professional Air Conditioning Contractor In Rockhampton

Rockhampton Air Conditioning Contractor

Rockhampton Air Conditioning Contractor

    Our Australian Construction team is popular. In the first place, they offer consistent quality. We also provide unique air conditioning installation solutions to all our clients. Our air conditioning contractor in Rockhampton works hard. Thus, we ensure we offer a suitable product for each circumstance.

    All premises are different. Therefore, they require additional services. For this reason, we recommend custom-designed air conditioning systems. Coupled with this, we engineer them to ensure the system operates at peak performance. Moreover, we provide affordable services. In the end, we guarantee that each home or business has a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

    Air conditioning system services

    Using your air conditioning system seasonally wears it out. Many times, filters become blocked. The reason is dust and bacteria build-up. Also debris, and particles accumulate. Then they spread all over the home and cause allergies. The unit components also start showing wear and tear signs. Eventually, these factors damage the air conditioning system.

    We recommend that you have yearly air conditioning services. It ensures the system operates well when you need them most. ‚ÄčServicing your air conditioner prevents expensive repairs. Moreover, it makes the unit last longer.

    Air conditioning repairs

    Common problems

    Inadequate maintenance leads to repair of the air conditioning system. Common problems that need repairs are:

    • Water leaks and drainage problems
    • The air conditioning unit fails to cool
    • Refrigerant leaks
    • The air conditioning unit does not heat
    • Thermostat & sensor issues

    Our air conditioning contractor in Rockhampton provides superior products. Also, we offer installation and unit maintenance. Because of this you avoid dealing with different companies for supply, installation and maintenance of your air conditioners. Moreover, we use the newest technology. It signifies you can get maximum level control of your office or home temperature.

    Our products

    You can select from multi-split, split or ducted air conditioning. As a result, you ensure your environment constantly adjusts to meet your needs. You may want to heat or cool a single apartment. Or maybe you wish to heat or cool a multi-level office building. Under these circumstances, we stock superior products. Therefore, we complete the task on hand.

    Residential air conditioning

    You can now enjoy the hot summers of Rockhampton. Australian Construction can ensure you remain cool. To attain this, we provide split, ducted or multi-split air conditioning systems. Whatever your needs we assist you in deciding a suitable air conditioning system.


    Split air conditioning is ideal for a small area. In addition, it is best for split air conditioning. 


    These systems facilitate flexible cooling. They are best for different areas or rooms in your home. Due to this, you can reduce the temperature in one room. At the same time, you can retain the same temperature in a different one.


    The air conditioning contractor in Rockhampton provides ducted air conditioning. It enables several rooms to cool at a similar temperature. In this manner, you will not experience uneven temperatures as you walk around your home.


    Australian Construction endeavours to give you ideal air conditioning systems. More importantly, we offer you quality customer service. Our skilled team makes you feel like part of us from the first time you contact us. Because of this, we respond fast to your questions. Our staff is insured and licensed to work for your protection. We have affordable products that suit your budget.

    The air conditioning contractor in Rockhampton has handled Rockhampton cooling and heating needs for years. Therefore, we are familiar with the local climate. Furthermore, we know what is ideal in various environments. Our skilled team advises you about the best air conditioning products. We cater for a single room or a bespoke system. Besides, we handle large luxury homes.

      It will be our pleasure to provide you with the ideal air conditioning services. So call us now!