Ideal Air Conditioning Contractor On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Contractor

Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are proud to service the entire Sunshine Coast. For years we have enjoyed many air conditioning services repeat clients. We serve the commercial and industrial sectors. It includes offices, schools and residential clubs. You have peace of mind because our air conditioning contractor on the Sunshine Coast is a fully accredited business. 

    Furthermore, the ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd) with the ARCtick recognises us. Also, our team is fully licensed and certified. Because of this, they undertake ongoing work. Additionally, our work meets all Australian Standards.

    The Australian Construction team has vast experience in air conditioning installation. Therefore, our team is conversant in numerous systems. For example, they have expertise in ducted systems and wall units. Also, they are well versed in reverse cycle systems and split systems. 

    Our services

    We offer a committed service. So, we provide a consultation before installing your system. Our skilled team visits your office or home and gives you the available options. After this, we design the best system for your style, budget and space. We provide:

    • Inspection and design
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • Upfront quotes
    • After hours service

    Trusted brands

    Installing an air conditioning system gives you an investment. With this in mind, Australian Construction offers you the best aircon installation and maintenance. Because of this we only work with the best brands in the sector. 

    Given this, when you contact us, you know that you will get durable products. The air conditioning contractor on the Sunshine Coast uses trusted brands. For example, we use Carrier, Fujitsu, Daikin, Temperzone and LG.

    Reliable aircon maintenance services

    Please let Australian Construction care for your air conditioning investment. We provide comprehensive air conditioning maintenance. Moreover, we are hands-on. Our competent team maintains your system. Because of this, you avoid the hassle of future call-outs. So, talk to us today!

    Breakdown service 

    Air conditioning maintenance is time-consuming. Likewise, it is costly. However, you can avoid this. Our air conditioning contractor on the Sunshine Coast is fully equipped. We have the proper licenses. As a result, we offer a fast response time. Due to this, we restore your system, and it starts working fully in no time.

    Preventative maintenance program

    We ensure your air conditioning system works at its optimal level. Because of this, we offer a full-service program. Therefore, it keeps your system running efficiently for a long time.

    Our preventative maintenance program provides these benefits:

    • Increased energy efficiency. It reduces operating expenses.
    • You reduce costly repair bills and call-outs due to breakdowns.
    • Our team responds fast in case of a call-out.
    • You enjoy enhanced air quality.
    • We give you assurance of manufacturers maintenance compliance requirements
    • A comprehensively maintained equipment register as well as associated mechanical history.

    At Australian Construction, we have our well-equipped service division. For this reason, we exclusively check your air conditioning equipment. Also, we monitor it through its warranty period and after that.

    Anti-corrosion program

    Our air conditioning contractor on the Sunshine Coast also provides an anti-corrosion program. We use it for outdoor plants. It is created to take care of the corrosive surrounding experienced on the Coast. 

    We recommend that the exterior part of your air-conditioning system be coil and rust treated. The reason is the standard manufacturers’ warranty does not cover corrosion and rust. This treatment helps in maintaining your outdoor unit structurally. In turn, it extends its working life.


    The Australian Construction air conditioning team is highly experienced. We sell, install and maintain superior air conditioning units. We are popular on the Sunshine Coast, given that we provide honest and affordable air conditioning services. More importantly, we are professional. 

    On the Sunshine Coast, we are the reliable option for air conditioning installation. We offer tailored commercial and residential units to suit your requirements. 

      Call us today for high-quality air conditioning services on the Sunshine Coast.