Professional Air Conditioning Contractor Services In Toowoomba

Toowoomba Air Conditioning Contractor

Toowoomba Air Conditioning Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we have professional and qualified technicians. Because of this, we offer expert air conditioning services. Our air conditioning contractor in Toowoomba offers repair, maintenance and installation of climate control. As a result, we meet all your commercial air conditioning requirements.

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    Refrigeration Installation

    You might be developing a new cold room. Or perhaps you are installing a new kitchen. Notwithstanding you need a reliable service. Also, you require a reliable firm like Australian Construction.  We have highly qualified technicians. 

    We analyse your new kitchen and cold room needs for continuous maintenance. As a result, we ensure your equipment runs cool at all times. Additionally, our company installs and maintains Toowoomba’s bars refrigeration. We also service cold rooms, ice machines and freezer rooms.

    Refrigeration Maintenance, repairs & breakdowns

    Your commercial freezers or cold rooms might be experiencing problems. Or maybe they stopped working. Under those circumstances, our technicians restore the operations of your cold rooms. Therefore, your business continues running and profits grow!

    Moreover, if you have an emergency breakdown, our team is available 24/7. Our air conditioning contractor in Toowoomba has quick and reliable technicians. The technicians visit your site quickly. They then inspect the fault and ensure your operations begin again fast. Also, we plan quarterly maintenance checks. Because of this, we prevent breakdowns during your business peak time.

    Efficient services all the time

    From your first call, Australian Construction is on time until we complete the job. Furthermore, we offer top-quality installation and outstanding after-sales service. We provide products with full parts. Our team knows air conditioners break down at inconvenient times.  

    Because of this, the air conditioning contractor in Toowoomba ensures we send our highly qualified technicians to you. Consequently, they carry out proper repairs and investigations. Moreover, they analyse and repair all types of models. So you can continue operations quickly. Our competent team is available 24/7.


    We advise all our clients to have regular maintenance routines for important infrastructure. Because of this, you minimise downtime. Additionally, you reduce unexpected interruptions. You avoid expensive repairs as well. Call our friendly staff any time to discuss your air conditioning requirements.


    The Australian Construction artistry is unsurpassed. We dispose of all waste material properly.

    We assist with:

    • Offices & retail
    • Real estate
    • Council
    • Commercial restaurants
    • Marine (day boats & private charter vessels)
    • Public and private schools

    Domestic air conditioning 

    The air conditioning contractor in Toowoomba boasts vast experience in the air conditioning industry. The Australian Refrigeration Council has licensed us to take care of all refrigerant gases. Because of our vast systems knowledge we are experts in sales and repair. Our technicians have top qualifications in air conditioning. Therefore we install, repair and complete full systems maintenance. We aim to be punctual all the time. In case there are unexpected delays, we inform you early.

    Working with us is a wise investment! Our team installs, repairs and carries out routine maintenance. More importantly, we clean up after completing the job. We do not leave any mess behind!

    Australian Construction helps you with:

    • Packaged units
    • Installations
    • Refrigerated air conditioning
    • Split system & ducted units
    • Repairs, maintenance and service


    Australian Construction has provided air conditioning services for years in Toowoomba. We offer commercial industrial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration services. Also, we offer repairs and maintenance services. Working with us gives you peace of mind. The reason for this is we use a specialised team. Similarly, we utilise quality products.

    We are proud of our sales and services. Our company undertakes preventative maintenance and servicing. Because of this, our qualified team uses high standard. We are experienced in commissioning, decommissioning and troubleshooting various systems.

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