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Professional Air Conditioning Contractor In Townsville

    An expert air conditioner technician like Australian Construction should install air conditioner units. To maintain your system’s warranty, a technician should install most air conditioning brands. Your air conditioning unit needs to be in a prime area to provide you with the ideal efficiency. When you hire our air conditioning contractor in Townsville, ensure you get suggestions on your air conditioning unit’s ideal placement.

    Do you want to enjoy temperature control throughout the year in your home? You need an efficient air conditioner system. Townsville is a wonderful area to be with its lovely weather throughout the year; however, the summers are sweltering. It is why you need an air conditioner that can withstand regular use in the home or office.

    Our team has years of experience and are specialists in split air conditioning units. The Australian Construction team have the required knowledge and equipment to install, service and repair your air conditioning unit. They can troubleshoot to solve issues and get your air conditioning working fast!

    Air conditioner installation

    A certified technician is an ideal person for installing your air conditioning unit. The reason is that most air conditioner units’ manufacturers have a warranty where a skilled technician like us is required to install it to lower the risk of incorrect installation. It reduces the risk of malfunctioning like leaks, which can lead to high expenses. 

    Also, you will be handling piping and electricity (to eliminate water), so you should remember that it is dangerous to attempt to install your air-con without guidance from someone like the air conditioning contractor who is knowledgeable about their work and who appreciates the risks involved.

    Types of AC Systems

    We install the following kinds of AC systems:

    • Ducted air conditioning
    • Split air conditioner
    • Window ac units
    • Evaporative air cooling
    • Ceiling cassette units
    • Portable air conditioners

    Split system air conditioner

    In Australia, a split-system unit is the commonest type of air conditioning unit. It earns the name ‘split system’ because a section of the unit is placed inside the house (the white rectangle part), and the element (a compressor box) is set at the home’s exterior.

    Warm air is eliminated from the area, and cool fresh air replaces it. Our spit system air conditioning is the commonest kind of ac unit because it is quiet, efficient and affordable.

    How to install a split system air conditioning system

    Pick the best location; our skilled technician will help you here, since the location affects your unit’s efficiency greatly. Our air conditioning contractor then installs a mounting place where they will set the air conditioning unit. They drill a hole inside the wall to appropriately fix the piping and feed and connect the piping and electrical wires. 

    They are fed through and linked and our team then mounts the unit on the wall inside the home, and they install the unit’s outside section or the condenser in a suitable area.

    It should be placed flat on a tough surface like concrete. In Townsville, the air conditioning contractor connects the piping and wiring to the condenser they fed through the opening in the wall and secure this piping to the wall, making a watertight.

    This is a basic explanation of how we install a split system air conditioning unit. We have many more steps involved in the installation, so do not think this is an easy task! We strongly advise you to hire a professional like Australian Construction for your air conditioning installation to reduce the risk of dangerous occurrences leading to injury to you or property damage.

    Cleaning a split air conditioner

    To clean the mould from the split system air conditioner, we need to use the appropriate chemicals to remove all bacteria and mould. We utilise Triple-D, a biodegradable non-foaming cleaner for cleaning coils. Our experienced team then uses Spray Nine, a cleaner/degreaser, to kill viruses and bacteria that attach to split system air conditioning systems.

    The last step is treating using a condensate pan treatment. If you engage us to carry out this three-step procedure half-yearly, it will stop the allergies and maintain your air con’s efficient running.

    The importance of maintenance for air conditioners

    Air conditioning systems require frequent cleaning for ideal performance quality and machine durability. An air conditioner’s fins, coils, and filters need regular maintenance to facilitate your unit’s efficient and effective operation throughout its years.

    If the essential maintenance is lacking, your air conditioner will slow down in performance, increasing the general energy consumption.

    Air Conditioner Filters

    Cleaning air conditioner filters is essential for maintenance work. Blocked and dirty filters block the regular airflow and greatly reduces a system’s efficacy. Obstruction of this airflow leads the air to bypass the filter, carrying dirt straight to the evaporator coil, damaging the coils ability to absorb heat.

    Some kinds of filters are reusable, but others need replacement. Air conditioners are used constantly and are prone to dusty conditions. You may also use them regularly to keep your pets cool, subjecting them to high levels of pet fur. So, they need constant filter replacements and cleaning.

    Air conditioner coils

    A clean filter helps prevent the evaporator coil from getting dirty, and in the end, small particles of hair, dust and dirt and different tiny pollutants go to the coils. It decreases the coils capacity to absorb heat, causing reduced performance and raised energy consumption.

    If you use your air conditioner daily, we advise you to hire our competent air conditioning contractor in Townsville to clean your air conditioner coils after every six months.


    Use Australian Construction superior air conditioning services to keep your home and business premises cool throughout the year. We are happy to work with various industrial and commercial customers all over the region, such as builders, developers, offices, cafes and shops.

    Whether you wish to update your existing unit, maintain the present system or install several units into another property development, our skilled air conditioning team will give you the necessary service at your convenience.

    Please allow us to make your air conditioning experience in Townsville wholesome throughout the year!