Highly Experienced Air Conditioning Contractor In Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga Air Conditioning Contractor

Wagga Wagga Air Conditioning Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we supply, install and maintain various air conditioning systems. For example, our air conditioning contractor in Wagga Wagga handles split systems and ducted systems. Furthermore, we only deal with the best. For this reason, we have forged relationships with Toshiba Carrier and Panasonic. We deal with Mitsubishi and Fujitsu as well.

    We have years of experience with top brands. Given this, we supply and install reliable and reputable air conditioning systems. Additionally, our systems are affordable and ideal for your lifestyle and home. Australian Construction works closely with our clients. 

    More importantly, we deliver on time and within budget. Our technicians and electricians help you in choosing the most effective air conditioning option. We offer units for reverse cycle for climate control throughout the year. In addition, we provide cooling-only units.

    Split system air conditioners

    Our split system air conditioners are divided into two key sections. The exterior unit consisting of the compressor and condenser is situated on the building’s exterior. Meanwhile, we place the interior unit featuring the evaporator on an inside wall. Alternatively, we place it in the room’s ceiling. It applies to the area you want heated or cooled.

    The split system air conditioner has these benefits:

    • You need less interior space
    • Interior noise is reduced
    • You can connect several interior units to one single exterior unit. In some cases, it creates a small zone. 

    The split air conditioning provides an energy-efficient method of climate control. You operate the split system by remote control. Therefore you are fully in charge of the room or area’s temperature where the unit is installed. Our competent team programs the unit to maintain a fixed temperature. Moreover, the system turns on and off automatically.

    Ducted systems are similar to the split system. The reason is they cool or heat an area fast. However, we can apply a ducted system to several zones in the home. Because of this, fan speed, operation mode and temperature adjustment are all within your reach!

    A ducted air conditioning system is different from a split system as the whole unit is concealed. Generally, it is in your property’s roof space. However, we can install it outside the home. Concealed ducting facilitates the air movement to several rooms or areas where only the vents are noticeable.

    Our options should not confuse you. For one thing, the air conditioning contractor in Wagga Wagga customises air conditioning systems. So we meet your budget needs and match your home’s layout. Call us today for honest advice. More importantly, we provide fast, reliable after-sales service and quick installation. 

    Preventative maintenance

    Air conditioning is like your motor vehicle and it needs financial investment. To maintain optimal performance, we advise you to follow a scheduled maintenance program. Generally, you use air conditioning units more than cars every day. Because of this, maintenance is essential. It keeps them running efficiently. Also, the unit’s life is extended.

    Industrial & Commercial

    Affordability, reliability and efficiency are essential for air conditioning in an industrial or commercial environment. The air conditioning contractor in Wagga Wagga works with large and small-scale applications. Because of this, we use different refrigerant flow control systems where applicable. 

    It saves energy and enables installation flexibility. These systems have a large capacity and are highly reliable, and save space, as they are compact. You might want a new build. Or perhaps need a re-assessment of your air conditioning needs. Regardless, our expert team establishes the most appropriate installation for your needs.


    Australian Construction is qualified and licensed in the air conditioning and electrical field. For this reason, we have an edge in the industry. We offer technical advice and customer support.  Our understanding of this field makes us proud, and we deliver work quickly.

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