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Wollongong Air Conditioning Contractor

Wollongong Air Conditioning Contractor

    Australian Construction offers expert residential air conditioning installation. Also, we provide air conditioner and AC repair services to our clients. Our air conditioning contractor in Wollongong has vast experience in the industry. Because of this, we ensure expert service.

    As a result, you access the ideal air conditioning installation and air conditioning system to meet your requirements. We offer you the best home AC installation service. Furthermore, we give you affordable prices. During the air conditioning installation procedure, our expert team handles all your concerns. In addition, our expert team ensures minimal disruption around your workplace or home.

    Using our dynamic air conditioning service and AC installation saves you cash on energy bills. Talk to our professionals to choose the correct air conditioning system for your commercial area or house. Our air conditioning contractor in Wollongong has diverse clients. 

    For this reason, we can help with residential systems. Moreover, we offer ducted and split air conditioning systems. These are best for restaurants, offices and schools. We serve multi-story buildings and hospitals. Because of our experience, we can handle all sized jobs. 

    Commercial air conditioning installation

    Most of the work we undertake at Australian Construction involves the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. We provide these systems to Wollongong businesses. These include factories, hospitals and retail stores. Additionally, we offer our services to multi-storey office structures and schools.

    The air conditioning contractor in Wollongong has different kinds of commercial AC systems. Therefore you may be unsure of the best system for your business. In that case, talk to our experts. It will ensure you learn more about our AC installation. Additionally, we will tell you about our repair service.

    Commercial ducted air conditioning system

    Ducted systems – enjoy all the seasons!

    Australian Construction customises commercial ducted air conditioning systems. Hence it suits your businesses needs. We can specifically zone our ducted air conditioning system throughout your area of business. As a result, it enables you to have full control of the surrounding. In light of this, you can turn off air conditioning in places where it is not needed. So, you save costs. Also, this system only cools or heats the areas that require it.

    We source the ideal commercial ducted air conditioning systems for its installations. We have effective thermally efficient systems. As a result, you do not lose cooling or heating when moving between the area that requires air conditioning and the environment.

    We only use top quality R1.0 rated ductwork. Because of this, we are fully compliant with all essential Australian Standards. Check your commercial ducted air conditioning quotes for the R1.0 rating duct. Otherwise, you might experience compliance issues.

    A ducted system gives you an investment that offers you comfort in all seasons. In light of this, you do not need to use gas during the cold months. Hence, it offers you full control over your business’ surrounding and comfort. Call our team of friendly specialists today. They will tell you more about commercial air conditioning. Also, they will give you a quote.

    Air conditioning system maintenance & repairs

    Frequent preventative air conditioner maintenance presents various advantages. For instance, it prolongs your unit’s life. Not only does this improve the unit operation, but also decreases your running costs. The air conditioning contractor in Wollongong designs air conditioning maintenance. For this reason, we recognise potential system failures.

    Consequently, we stop them from turning into expensive major defects. For this reason, the units’ efficacy increases, and you save money and energy. More importantly, you maintain optimal working conditions.


    We have vast experience in the sector. So we are the ideal company to advise you on what ducted or split air conditioning is ideal for your specific needs. Do you have an existing air conditioning system at your business or property? In this case, we help in choosing an upgrade. Furthermore, we assist in fast repairs or servicing. It ensures your system runs at optimal efficiency. The system also operates at top heating and cooling potential.

      Talk to us today about all your air conditioning needs in Wollongong!