Amazing Designs With Port Macquarie Landscaping Contractor!


    Australian Construction is a leading landscaping firm. Therefore, we offer construction services and landscape design services. Our landscaping contractor in Port Macquarie is professional and innovative. So, we create an attractive and practical outdoor environment.  

    Our skilled team provides a personalised approach. Furthermore, we follow your vision. Given this, we design and create your garden. We ensure it matches your taste. We also follow the budget and personal style.

    Our services

    Australian Construction has worked for:

    • Retail areas
    • Retirement communities
    • Resort & hotel complexes
    • Residential communities
    • Apartment developments
    • Public areas
    • Driveways
    • Entertainment venues
    • Sporting facilities and more

    With time, driveways get worn. In view of this you might want to replace your existing driveway. Or you may wish to expand it. Maybe you want to build a new driveway on your premises. Whatever your needs, we offer high-quality artistry. So, call us today for expert landscaping.

    Our team can expertly pave a driveway. We also build using exposed aggregate. In addition, we can lay down coloured concrete. Additionally, we are certified to complete projects on residential properties. Our expert team works on nature strips near your home’s boundaries.

    Retaining and rock walls

    Retaining walls present essential structural elements. They prevent the soil from shifting. For this reason, the soil’s typical pattern does not erode. Sometimes we do it to level out a lawn. It allows you to build on various levels. It can also be for decorative purposes. A certified structural landscaper like Australian Construction should build your retaining wall. The reason is due to the engineering needs involved. Our team helps in constructing new retaining walls. We also rebuild existing walls.

    We build all our outdoor walls with different materials. The materials we use include timber. Our team uses sleepers and rocks also. Additionally, we use interlocking blocks, Besser blocks and more. Rock walls act more of decorative features. They also function as separating structures rather than retaining walls. We create lovely rock walls. Given this, we match your visual preferences and meet your needs.


    Fresh, green & lush

    The landscaping contractor in Port Macquarie has all the knowledge. Furthermore, we have the experience. We also have the tools to give your lawn the care it needs. Perhaps you have flowers, shrubs and plants. Because of this, you want them to look fresh and lush throughout the year. In this case, contact our friendly team. 

    We will meet your gardening needs in Port Macquarie. Our services extend to businesses and homes. Additionally, we cater for industrial customers throughout the area. Australian Construction handles all gardening levels. We ensure your existing plants grow healthy. For this reason, we frequently weed and spray. We also undertake top dressing and soil preparation.

    Keeping up with gardening can be difficult. It is primarily due to everyday work obligations. You may also be busy with your personal life and hobbies. In light of this, allow our team to work in all areas of garden care. Therefore, you can concentrate on the smooth running of your life!

    We offer the following services:

    • Commercial properties strata work
    • Gardening renovations
    • Weeding
    • Fertilising
    • Spraying weeds
    • Edging
    • Shrub & tree removal
    • Topdressing
    • Soil preparation
    • Soil improvement
    • Garden makeovers
    • Mulching
    • Gardening renovations
    • Small gardening jobs. For instance, we handle pruning and tree trimming.

    Decks, turf

    In Port Macquarie, we are the trusted outdoor projects provider. We provide affordable, reliable and fast landscaping.  Our company serves residents. We also work for government clients and commercial properties.


    The landscaping contractor in Port Macquarie works within your budget. We also deliver according to your needs. Our team helps to plan a landscaping project for your yard. We ensure it maximises the aesthetic appeal. 

    At the same time, it ensures your drainage runs smoothly. To this end, we build a retaining wall or level your area.  Alternatively, we can edge your garden. Or, we can create a simple pathway around your house.

    For all your Port Macquarie landscaping needs, do not hesitate to call us!