The Best Asphalt Contractor Services In Bunbury From Aus Construction

Bunbury Asphalt Contractor

Bunbury Asphalt Contractor

    Australian Construction has your back when it comes to surfacing needs! Our highly experienced staff builds the asphalt driveway you always dreamt of. Additionally, our asphalt contractor in Bunbury also repairs your driveway and completes your paved patios and paths. Also, we help you in deciding the right method for you.

    We are popular for our affordable asphalt rates coupled with significant supply capabilities. Our asphalt contractor in Bunbury is experienced in asphalt supply and laying. Moreover, we are popular for quality artistry service, as well as reliable and qualified staff. 

    We offer customer support 24/7; therefore, if you want the ideal asphalt supply and laying service in Bunbury, call us today.

    Asphalt supplying & laying

    Asphalt quality and laying methods are essential. For quality and experience in supply and laying, call our asphalt contractor in Bunbury today.

    Advantages of asphalt driveways

    Fast installation

    Depending on the project size, our experienced team can lay in one day or two. That is amazing, particularly when compared to concrete. The reason is concrete takes twice as long to lay, and the setting period is even longer. An asphalt driveway may be ready for utilisation in two days, while concrete can take a week to cure. The season, in which we installed, determines this.

    Cost-effective maintenance costs

    After some time, your asphalt driveway may experience lineal cracking because of wear and tear. Nevertheless, we can repair it quickly and affordably. Crack sealant products are wonderful for cracked driveways. Equally important, they are affordable and readily available. 


    Comparatively, asphalt driveways surfaces do not flake due to poor installation, unlike concrete. Most concrete driveways have ongoing issues with flaking. It is especially true if the concrete installation happened quickly.

    Because asphalt is flexible, it is much less susceptible to cracking than concrete over time. Furthermore, sweeping, overall upkeep, crack filling, and frequent preventative maintenance extends the lifespan of asphalt driveways significantly.

    Asphalt driveway specialists

    For many years, our asphalt contractor in Bunbury has worked in the asphalt sector. Accordingly, we have gained valuable experience over time. Therefore, it has equipped our team with the expertise and knowledge to offer superior standard projects all the time.

    Our skilled team digs out and extracts sand or other worn surfaces from your driveway. We then provide your new asphalt driveway then lay it.  Besides, for ground preparation, the asphalt contractor in Bunbury lays 150mm of concrete base. As a result, it provides an extremely solid foundation for asphalt. Due to this, sinking and potholes formation does not occur as time goes.

    The Australian Construction team is courteous, reliable and knowledgeable. In effect, they provide whatever is required to complete your driveway smoothly and quickly. Moreover, we follow the set budget.  We only hire the best staff to match our commitment. 

    That is, to give you superior quality asphalts finish.  

    We mainly aim to provide:

    • Affordable prices: We offer a reasonable cost to ensure you follow your budget and are content with the results.
    • Quality artistry:  Together with our affordable costs, we endeavour to offer great quality and superior service.
    • Experience: Because of our vast experience in this sector, the asphalt contractor in Bunbury is comfortable with all project sizes.
    • Reliability: We have brilliant artistry, not to mention our commitment to provide quick and reliable service.
    • Guarantee: We require our clients to pay after we have gone over the work and are happy with the outcomes.


    Choosing Australian Construction means you have access to our services 24/7. Additionally, you can benefit directly from our significant experience in the sector. Also, you will save money and time.

      For more information about our available services, kindly do not hesitate to call us today.