Awesome Asphalt Contractor Services In Bundaberg

Bundaberg Asphalt Contractor

Bundaberg Asphalt Contractor

    For asphalt paving in Bundaberg, please call the professionals at Australian Construction. Our experts are committed to their work. Hence, they give you residential and commercial asphalt pavement services. We have a dedicated asphalt contractor in Bundaberg. In addition, our team is committed to giving you quality residential and commercial asphalt services.

    We have vast experience. Therefore, our expert team always pays attention to detail in all our projects. We deliver exceptional work quality, despite the job size. From small driveway projects to extensive roadways and parking lots, we provide value. Also, we give you exceptional services at cost-effective prices.

    Comparatively, asphalt is more affordable than concrete paving. Besides, it is easier and faster to install. Also, when maintained adequately, it gives you a level, safe surface for years. Today’s patching and sealing technology are advanced. For this reason, your surface remains lovely year after year.

    We provide the following paving services:

    • Asphalt paving
    • Concrete
    • Spray seal
    • Asphalt patch repairs
    • Crack seal
    • Asphalt resurfacing and overlay
    • Minor repairs
    • Asphalt milling
    • Car parks

    We have worked with various councils, schools and private enterprises. To this end, we have supplied quality asphalting throughout Bundaberg. Our asphalt contractor in Bundaberg provides major as well as standard asphalt options. 

    Additionally, we only use superior materials when resurfacing or establishing any car park. For this reason, they withstand frequent, heavy use. For instance, we handle office premises, hospitals, and shopping centres. We also work on sports venues and churches. Furthermore, we also install dish drains, and speed bumps to your car park as needed.

    Coloured asphalt

    Coloured asphalt presents a beautiful, affordable method of covering a big surface. Again, it adds a touch of life and vibrancy to your premises. You can pick from various colours. Consequently, it creates the latest look suitable for any property. The Australian Construction coloured asphalt is best for car parks, sports and basketball courts. Also, it is excellent for commercial and industrial areas.


    The asphalt contractor in Bundaberg’s paving division supplies and machine lays all sizes. For example, residential driveways and shopping centre car parks. An asphalt overlay offers a durable surface. In the light of this, it improves the look of your premises significantly. Our team works on the weekend or after hours.

    Because of this, your business experiences minimal disruption. The Australian Construction resurfacing services include:

    • Sweeping and preparing existing surface
    • Renewal or servicing of storm water drainage
    • Supplying and laying new asphalt
    • Line marking to suit your requirements


    Our asphalt contractor in Bundaberg visits your site. Not only do they come with a fully equipped Flocon road maintenance truck, but enough material to finish your repair. The asphalt remains hot in the truck’s heated body. In the light of this, it assures you of a superior and affordable repair.

    We provide:

    • Bitumen cutting
    • Pothole repairs
    • Speed bumps
    • Crack sealant 
    • Access ramps
    • Builders reinstatement
    • After hours callout, which is accessible for emergency repairs
    • Service trench repair, that is, electrical and plumbing trenches

    Road Maintenance and Repairs

    We provide complete construction to ongoing care and repairs and maintenance. Additionally, the asphalt contractor in Bundaberg gives you customised service. You are guaranteed that it suits your specific requirements. We provide our customers with skilled staff who machine or hand lay your asphalt surface. 

    It depends on access problems or your specific needs. Likewise, all essential preparation works determine this. Equally important, we use updated machinery and skilled, experienced staff.


    Our specialised team first gives you comprehensive advice. Then we handle repair works for damaged parts of existing paving. For instance, tree root damage and potholes. We also repair failed or cracked areas. 

    Besides, the asphalt contractor in Bundaberg handles drainage issues. Additionally, we resurface worn asphalt surfaces. When you discuss your needs with us, our team visits the site. They then advise you of the most affordable and efficient method. After this, we work hard to meet your requirements. Therefore, we achieve the ideal outcome in all our projects.

      So call us now for the best asphalt services in Bundaberg!