Ideal Asphalt Contractor Services In Cairns From Aus Construction

Cairns Asphalt Contractor

Cairns Asphalt Contractor

    Australian Construction has a highly responsive team. We are available 24 hours to handle utility restorations as well as infrastructure maintenance in Cairns. Our asphalt contractor in Cairns has vast experience and, therefore, ensures an excellent work standard. Also, we can respond fast to scope changes.

    We provide services like road base preparation, gutter and kerb replacement, traffic calming facilities and footpath repairs. Our experienced team is highly skilled in restoration works, utility infrastructure reinstatement for utilities, and significant infrastructure.

    Furthermore, the asphalt contractor in Cairns has an extensive fleet of Flocon road maintenance trucks. As a result, we ensure we meet our clients’ expectations on time and on budget.

    Road maintenance

    Because of our large fleet of road maintenance trucks, our road maintenance crews work 24/7 and respond to your needs quickly. Australian Construction is skilled in re-instating asphalt to footpaths, potholes and road crossings. Also, we handle general asphalt maintenance.

    We are proud to offer affordable maintenance solutions for our valued customers, for instance, local councils, schools, churches, and shopping centres. 

    Asphalt resurfacing

    We offer asphalt-resurfacing services like parking lots and major roadways. Our services include school parking lots, retail, in addition to homeowner association streets. Before we install the new layer, our team sweeps your current asphalt clean. This procedure gets rid of debris. We then apply a tack coat or asphalt glue to strengthen the new asphalt bond to the old one.

    This re-paving method is the cheapest; however, it has some disadvantages. We only carry out overlaying or resurfacing if your existing asphalt does not have faults. Potholes, serious asphalt rutting or cracking should not be present. Resurfacing asphalt featuring the above faults is a temporary solution. To treat minor cracking we fill it with a hot melted rubber crack sealer before resurfacing.

    Australian Construction can handle resurfacing projects of all sizes. Our experienced personnel coupled with the latest fleet of equipment enables us to do this.

    Common asphalt problems

    There are many kinds of asphalt failures, for instance, cracking, potholes and rutting. Potholes form when water seeps beneath the pavement. It then proceeds to the sub-base via the cracked asphalt.

    Consequently, the water makes the sub-base loose, which freezes in winter, leading to frost heaves. A void forms after the freezing beneath the asphalt thaws out. The weight of the vehicles and asphalt as well sinks inside this void. As a result, the asphalt cracks resulting in a pothole.

    How to solve asphalt issues efficiently

    Cracking presents an asphalt failure that might need different kinds of repairs. It depends on the cracking’s severity. If the straight linear cracks below one inch wide, our team crack-seals it.  If the cracking resembles shattered glass, alligator skin or a spider web, it is called ‘alligator cracking.’ In this case, we cannot seal it, and we have to cut it out.

    Our asphalt contractor in Cairns repairs asphalt failures in different ways. The most standard method is first cutting out the faulty section using a saw to cut the asphalt. Second, we excavate the damaged area out. Third, we repair the sub-base then pave the section using the regular paving courses. 

    After completing the patch, using an asphalt emulsion tack or asphalt glue to seal the edges is vital. It bonds the seams of the old and new asphalt. Due to this, it does not peel up.


    We deal with any asphalt-patching repair you require. To us, each project is essential. Therefore, we handle major paving projects and patching repair work similarly. Regardless of whether you are a private individual or a commercial client, our service team will be happy to help you with your project.

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