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Professional Asphalt Services In Darwin

    Australian Construction provides services to big and small contracts in Darwin. We are asphalt-paving professionals and our team specialises in a wide variety of asphalt paving services, maintenance and repair of drains, curbs and asphalt surfaces.

    Our asphalt contractors in Darwin appreciate that correct installation and maintenance of your road, parking lot or street is crucial to prolonging the surface life. Australian Construction has years of experience and we are popular for our quality and professionalism. 

    We will be happy to handle your next asphalt paving job in Darwin!

    Asphalt Paving

    Australian Construction is a leader in asphalt paving of parking lots, golf cart paths, driveways, seal-coating and asphalt repair 

    For any sized asphalt paving work. Savvy business owners are aware that their parking lot space creates an impression on customers before they go inside the door. 

    Our expert team at Asphalt Systems is experienced in asphalt parking lot paving, repair and maintenance of curbs, asphalt surfaces, drains and different surfaces.

    Australian Construction expert asphalt parking lot contractors appreciate that correct installation and maintenance of your parking space is important to prolonging the surface life, leaving a lasting impression at your premise.

    New Asphalt Construction

    New asphalt construction paving projects need the correct equipment, appropriate high-quality materials and a team of  trained and experienced experts who are conversant in using them. At Australian Construction we are exceptional when working on new asphalt construction.

    The asphalt contractor in Darwin we have are specialists in all new asphalt construction installation. Our team works on small light-traffic parking lots to heavy-duty truck terminals that need deep strength paving. The skilled and knowledgeable technicians at Australian Construction design and build the correct specs to suit your requirements. We have committed grading crews who set up your new construction area. They balance the sub-grade and finish-grading the aggregate base. 

    The two are important factors to attain satisfactory results and make your asphalt pavement last longer. From excavation of concrete and underground drainage, Australian Construction professionals have the knowledge and equipment to work on projects of any size.

    Our expert estimators can bid your whole job and our paving firm professionals manage all the new construction projects you need like underground drainage, earthmoving, concrete curbs, aggregate base, concrete flat-work and asphalt paving of different mix design and traffic description.  

    Asphalt Maintenance

    Asphalt is a wonderful selection for most pavement applications. However, it needs regular maintenance. Suitable and timely maintenance from Australian Construction ensures that  it becomes easier to clean and is safe for pedestrians, appears more appealing and has a long lifespan.   Our team of asphalt paving professionals can assist you to assess your paving situation and set a suitable maintenance plan.

    With time, your asphalt surface moves from light maintenance to asphalt repair and eventually to replacement or resurfacing. All asphalt withstands damage from chemicals, water, general wear and ultraviolet rays.

    Our standard repairs include using hot rubber to seal cracks to control seeping of water and utilising hot patch materials to fill potholes. The asphalt contractor in Darwin completes these services with minimal interruption to your property. Resurfacing can be costly and you may find evaluating proposals confusing. Australian Construction bids and proposals always aim to give you a quality product, not just win the project with cheap costs based on taking shortcuts or using substandard materials. We offer amenities like islands, catch basins, footings, drains and other concrete construction requirements as part of your replacement job.

    Our team provides concrete pavement finishing services such as directional signage, pavement striping & marking and other markers. Call us today on 1800 155 881 to find out how Australian Construction expert asphalt paving services can enhance your business curb appeal.

    Asphalt Seal-coating

    Asphalt seal-coating is a reliable and cost-effective option for protecting your business or home asphalt surfaces. The Australian Construction team skilfully seals your pavement to protect your investment and give your asphalt a brand new look, assist the surface to withstand gasoline, oil and other chemicals, prolong your street, roadway and parking lot life. 

    Using asphalt seal-coating mix, our professional technicians restore your road, street, parking lot or other surface almost restoring it to its original state.

    The asphalt contractor in Darwin uses a special machine applicator with a thick material consisting of a substantial quantity of sand; our team applies it in one pass while mixing it. 

    Australian Construction asphalt seal-coating technicians are experienced and know that replacing your parking lot, driveway or road completely is not always necessary.

    The good news is that our asphalt seal-coating experts can assist you in preserving the function, longevity and appearance of your asphalt surface without incurring expenses for full replacement.

    Seal-coating your pavement or current asphalt surface regularly will save you thousands of dollars in repairing and resurfacing costs. 

    Asphalt driveway repair and maintenance

    Even if a paved asphalt driveway is perfect, with time it will wear out leading to cracks, fade and uneven surfaces may develop.  Australian construction asphalt driveway maintenance and repair experts can manage any residential driveway maintenance job, whatever the size, and save you from expensive resurfacing costs.

    We are proud of our asphalt repair and asphalt maintenance repair abilities. The asphalt contractor in Darwin repair technicians complete the job correctly the first time. Our team carries out preventative maintenance to prolong your asphalt driveway life. The correct preventative maintenance is necessary to maximise your asphalt driveway life. 

    Our asphalt maintenance firm takes care of all your driveway repairs like seal-coating, patching and crack filling. We use high-quality materials, superior equipment, skilled professionals and the latest application methods, ensuring that we finish your asphalt driveway repair work correctly and on time.

    If you choose to use Australian Construction preventative services for your asphalt pavement, it will enable you to prevent expensive replacement or resurfacing expenses and maximise your asphalt surface’ life and aesthetics. 

    Our experienced and skilled experts will prolong the life of your asphalt driveway pavement and reduce your expenses over time.


    If you wish to have quality materials, longevity and value for your future asphalt paving project, Australian Construction has you covered. From minor patching repair, to major commercial parking lots, our objective is to give you durability, expertise and value. We have successfully assisted hundreds of businesses and families to enjoy superior high-traffic surfaces that express their livelihood and lives.

    Call us today and leave your asphalt paving project to the expert hands of Australian Construction!