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Hire The Best Asphalt Contractor On The Gold Coast

    Do you need a professional Asphalt Contractor on the Gold Coast or in South East Queensland? Australian Construction provides industrial, commercial and residential asphalt services for the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and the larger Brisbane area.  Our team makes sure it understands what your project involves. We then work to ensure you obtain a flawless experience with the outcomes you want.

    At Australian Construction services we take on a variety of industrial projects all over South East Queensland with many repeat customers. We aim to provide high quality artistry, materials and finish on time and on budget. The Australian Construction team is highly experienced and understands all of the safety procedures and requirements of working in an industrial area.

    We appreciate that we need to carry out some industrial asphalting jobs outside standard business hours. Australian Construction plans your project depending on your time-frame, budget and any special needs.

    The benefits of asphalt

    Compared to concrete, asphalt is cost-effective; it usually lasts longer and is extremely durable. Like concrete, it is possible to paint asphalt, giving it an exceptional finish that blends with the environment’s aesthetics

    Asphalt presents the best surface for commercial flooring, road works, car parks, tennis courts, driveways, basketball courts and driveways. Australian Construction has you covered for all your asphalting requirements.

    • Asphalt Contractor in Gold Coast adds value to your commercial project or home.
    • We comply with OH&S and reduce risk to traffic roads, by fixing potholes, creating ramping and adding speed bumps.
    • Fix sporting facilities like basketball courts and tennis courts.

    Asphalt Contractor on the Gold Coast

    Australian Construction takes responsibility for all work no matter how big or small. We are dedicated to offering remarkable results and wonderful customer service. Please make us your first choice each time you need superior asphalting work done. 

    Our costs are realistic, and our skilled team ensures you get the best value for your money. Despite our extensive services to large commercial projects, for our asphalt contractors no job is too big or too small for us to take on and we still make ourselves available for smaller jobs to.

    Our team expertly handles large-scale projects like commercial, industrial and residential work. Australian Construction is happy to visit your area to discuss the ideal solution that caters to your requirements, budget and time-frame.

    Residential Asphalt Services

    Our asphalt contractors on the Gold Coast takes care of all your residential asphalt needs all over the Gold Coast area. Australian Construction residential asphalt services are an ideal way of making your private property or home look elegant. If your driveway looks untidy, we offer a cost-effective solution, in the form of new bitumen, making your home look lovely.

    • Driveway Edging
    • Bitumen Driveways
    • Gravel Driveways
    • Pathways
    • Asphalt Spoon Drains
    • Repairs
    • Potholes
    • Private road work
    • Sports courts
    • Trip hazards
    • Crack sealing and much more

    Stone or concrete driveways can become expensive. Asphalt driveways are affordable and easy to maintain, adding value and appeal to your home without breaking the bank. If your home’s pathway, driveway or other asphalt area requires resealing or has cracks, Australian Construction can offer repair services to a wide variety of residential properties. It is a beautiful method of afford ably raising your asphalt’s longevity, repair unsightly cracks and reinstate your asphalt to new.

    Superior residential asphalting services

    Australian Construction believes in giving you unique quality services. Our team strives to serve our clients with a friendly demeanour and they have a passion for brilliance. We make sure that all our results go above and beyond our client’s expectations while maintaining prices that are competitive. 

    From big to small projects, driveways, potholes and more, our asphalt contractors on the Gold Coast are here to assist. We guarantee you satisfaction with our exceptional results, friendly service and competitive prices.  Our skilled team makes sure that your residential asphalting is straightforward and hassle-free. We’ll handle all the small details for you.

    Commercial Asphalt Services On The Gold Coast

    Australian Construction uses superior quality materials for the asphalting jobs. Our contractors lay highly durable and long-lasting asphalt, which requires minimal maintenance. At times we paint the final product to enhance the effect. We handle new installations and repair current asphalt or change the present asphalt surfaces.

    • Car parks
    • Sealing potholes
    • Roads
    • Speed humps
    • Sealing asphalt cracks
    • Ramping solutions (tripping hazards and entranceway’s)

    Small commercial asphalting

    Scratched asphalt looks unattractive and can be hazardous also. It especially applies to asphalted surfaces that vehicles use, or foot traffic like walkways, roads, and car parks, footpaths and driveways.

    Our team at Australian Construction can offer the right solution and executes ‘fast repairs’ to problems such as potholes, splits and destroyed asphalt surfaces.

    Commercial asphalting (Large scale)

    Australian Construction lays asphalt for surfaces of any dimension you need. We consider corners, curves, drainage and corners.

    Our services extend to northern NSW, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Call our team on 1800 155 881 to get a quote on any commercial asphalt project.

    Industrial Asphalting Services

    Are you looking for industrial asphalt services on the Gold Coast? Whatever type of industrial asphalt works you need, we can help. We provide our services to the areas of northern NSW, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Australian Construction builds or repairs any asphalt application for all industries like heavy industrial sites and light industrial sites.

    • Gravel driveways
    • Car parks
    • Asphalt driveway
    • Road works
    • Bitumen driveways

    Why choose an Asphalt Contractor on the Gold Coast for your future industrial asphalting project?

    Trust: Australian Construction is the leading asphalt supplier for most industrial projects in the Gold Coast.

    Quality: We endeavour to provide top-notch materials, workmanship and finish all the time, for all projects. We have a fully trained team who has what it takes to deliver services to your satisfaction.

    Flexibility: If you have a project that you want to be completed urgently, our able and hard-working team does not mind putting in more hours to beat your deadline, or meet other special needs you may have.


    Get in touch with Australian Construction, and we will be glad to offer you a free consultation on any project involving industrial asphalt. Our team will work on your project from beginning to end with efficiency and professionalism. We have an experienced team who are asphalting specialists.

    So, whatever the size or magnitude of your project, we can take care of it!