Quality Asphalt Contractor Services In Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Asphalt Contractor

Hervey Bay Asphalt Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are highly experienced. So, we can complete various asphalt construction projects. Our asphalt contractor in Hervey Bay completes all the jobs to a quality standard. We handle specialist asphalt projects. For instance, we work on driveways, footpaths and roads. Also, we handle netball and tennis court surfacing, and car parks.

    For your bitumen or asphalt sealed surface repair, we can deliver. Not only do we build from scratch, but we also reseal, patch and repair different surfaces. These surfaces include roads, car parks, potholes, etc.

    Our services

    We appreciate that having a suitable asphalt road or car park is essential. For this reason, we advise you on the drainage steps crucial for your specific project during your consultation. We give you drainage solution options like subsoil drainage, crossovers and pipe laying. Besides, we offer surface drainage construction.

    Asphalt paving services

    Australian Construction is your leading asphalt paving firm in Hervey Bay. Therefore, our experienced team caters to your entire commercial and paving needs. We have vast experience in the sector. Because of this, we have earned an excellent reputation. Not only because of quality work but also skilled hot mix asphalt jobs.

    The asphalt contractor in Hervey Bay handles private drives and parking lots. We also work on ranch road and personal drives. Moreover, we offer an expert service, therefore, enhancing the property’s curb appeal. 

    Additionally, it makes your surfaces more durable and practical at affordable costs. Call us today to book your free consultation and appointment. We will then discuss your entire asphalt paving requirements.

    Commercial and residential asphalt paving

    You may be a school or church that needs parking lot repaving. Or you are a homeowner who needs a new driveway or fresh seal coat. Regardless, we can assist! For years, we have worked with business owners and private homeowners. 

    Furthermore, we have served all types of organisations. Hence, we have provided various asphalt paving services. We offer maintenance, pothole repair, and new construction and asphalt renewal.

    Asphalt repair

    Asphalt may be strong and resistant to UV damage, water penetration and winter weather. However, it can still experience the test of time. When protective seals fade, it makes them susceptible to the damage they are usually protected against. By the same token, any road surface begins to feel the pressure of repeated traffic.

    For that reason, our expert team ensures that your parking lot and asphalt driveways withstand the pressures of age. We have affordable maintenance and repair services. In light of this, you can prolong their lifespan without paying for expensive replacements.

    Repairing your asphalt

    Roads, parking lots, driveways, and more

    The asphalt contractor has worked with clients in the Hervey Bay area for years. Due to this, we ensure a high standard of customer service and artistry. We offer commercial and residential driveway repair coupled with parking lot repair services. 

    For us, the size of your needs or the type of property you does not matter. Despite these factors, we offer you the expertise, experience and tools to ensure satisfaction. Call us immediately you notice new wear and tear or damage to your asphalt paving. 

    You may already know the services you need. Or you might wish us to give you a consultation. Whatever your situation, we always deliver the services you need. Equally important, we keep it cost-efficient and effective at all times.


    Asphalt repair services are different for all situations. With this in mind, Australian Construction offers various services depending on your requirements. To that end, we provide numerous services you can pick from. Because of this, you are assured of not spending more than you have to.

      We are your local Hervey Bay paving company, and you can trust us for your entire paving needs!