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Hobart Asphalt Contractor

Hobart Asphalt Contractor

    Asphalt paving presents a beautiful alternative to concrete. For one thing, re-layering is possible and therefore, it is an affordable solution. At Australian Construction, we specialise in resurfacing or paving new parking lots. Our asphalt contractor in Hobart paves small and large projects. For instance, major distribution centres and strip malls. 

    Additionally, we can complete any sized project. The asphalt contractor also provides residential paving services.

    Our specialist services

    Australian Construction has years of experience. At the same time, we have a reputation for quality and professionalism. So, please let us handle your upcoming asphalt-paving project! We are leaders in asphalt paving of industrial, commercial and municipal parking lots.  

    Besides, we service streets, roads, walkways and other surfaces. Similarly, we handle asphalt repair, seal coating and overlay for asphalt paving projects of all sizes.

    The asphalt contractor in Hobart offers specialty concrete construction for gutters, curbs, and trench drains, dumpster pads, catch basins, and other areas that best suit concrete. Our skilled team provides complete services for asphalt repair, resurfacing and maintenance.

    The experienced crews regularly work with tight building schedules. Given this, we coordinate our work easily with different trades on the site. 

    Asphalt maintenance

    Asphalt is still an excellent option for most pavement applications. Regardless, it needs regular maintenance. Our timely and proper care ensures that one; your asphalt is safer for pedestrians, and two, that it looks more appealing. And third, that the maintenance prolongs its useful lifespan.

    Our asphalt-paving professionals can help you in evaluating your paving situation. They then create a suitable maintenance plan. As time goes, your asphalt surface moves through stages of light maintenance and then asphalt repair. And finally, it goes through resurfacing or replacement.

    All asphalt experiences damage from chemicals, general wear, and water and ultraviolet rays. Standard repairs include using hot rubber to seal cracks and utilisation of hot patch materials to fill potholes.  We do this to control water penetration.  The asphalt contractor in Hobart usually completes this while maintaining minimal disturbance to your property.

    Resurfacing is costly, and, studying proposals may be challenging. The Australian Construction bids and proposals always aim to provide a quality product. Not just winning the project with cheap costs based on taking shortcuts or utilising inferior materials.

    In addition to your replacement project, we offer amenities like islands, catch basins and drains. Moreover, we also provide footings and different markers. For additional information on how we can enhance your business curb appeal, call us now.

    Asphalt driveways and driveway paving

    You may require asphalt driveway repair or a new asphalt driveway. In that case, our expert asphalt contractor in Hobart will handle all the elements of your driveway project from beginning to end.

    You might think that driveway paving is a simple job; however, each project differs. It is determined by particular variables like the desired grade, surface terrain and ground materials. Our asphalt contractor in Hobart invests time to make sure a suitable foundation exists. It is to support your asphalt before our team starts any paving job.

    Our knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen use sophisticated tools. Doing this assesses the strength and grade to check the ideal options as well as materials. It is to complete your asphalt driveway work the first time correctly.


    You will have your driveway for many years. It serves as a walking, driving or playing surface each day for you and your loved ones. We ensure that we install your driveway correctly. Because of this, it lasts for a long time. Australian Construction handles new installations and extensions. Likewise, we deal with complicated repair and patching works.

    Whatever your needs, our professionals work with you, creating a lovely, durable and functional asphalt driveway surface to exceed your expectations.

      Call us today and enjoy our asphalt services!