Professional Asphalt Contractor Services In Mackay

Mackay Asphalt Contractor

Mackay Asphalt Contractor

    Australian Construction has years of experience in addition to a reputation for professionalism as well as quality. So, we would be happy to handle your next asphalt-paving project! Our asphalt contractor in Mackay ranks top in asphalt paving of industrial commercial and parking lots.

    Besides, we provide overlay, asphalt repair, and seal coating for all sized asphalt paving projects. Our professionals also offer specialty concrete construction for gutters, curbs, and speed bumps and catch drains. Likewise, we handle dumpster pads and other areas that are compatible with concrete.

    Our asphalt contractor in Mackay provides services for asphalt resurfacing, maintenance and repair. The Australian Construction experienced crews regularly work with tight construction schedules. Furthermore, we easily organise our work on the site.

    Asphalt repairs and asphalt surface patching

    Asphalt is among the most affordable and durable surfaces. Nevertheless, you cannot stop your asphalt road, walkway or parking lot from wearing over time. 

    As a result, settling, cracks or holes occur. Our asphalt repair and patchwork experts at Australian Construction can repair any asphalt surface. Therefore, they restore it to its original function and form.

    Maybe you want asphalt repair work for your large industrial complex or small parking lot. Regardless, our knowledgeable team handles each aspect of your asphalt repair project from beginning to end. Moreover, they deliver your project fast and on time!

    Call us today, and we will advise you on how the asphalt contractor in Mackay can enhance your business curb appeal.

    Asphalt seal coating & seal coating

    Asphalt seal coating is still an affordable and reliable option. In the first place, it protects and makes the asphalt surfaces near your business more durable. 

    When we seal your pavement, it not only safeguards your property but also gives a brand new appearance to your asphalt. Furthermore, it helps the surface to resist gasoline, oil and different chemicals. Additionally, it prolongs the life of your street, roadway and parking lot. 

    Our expert technicians use an asphalt seal coating mix to restore your street, road, parking lot or other surface. As a result, it almost goes back to its original form.  This extremely thick material uses a specific machine applicator and features a significant amount of sand. However, we can apply it in one pass while mixing it.

    Australian Construction‘s asphalt seal coating technicians are experienced. Therefore, they know that changing your road, driveway or parking lot, is not an option at times. The good news is that the Australia Construction asphalt seal coating experts can assist you in preserving your asphalt surface appearance, durability and function. Not to mention, it saves you the expenses of total replacement.

    Equally important, seal coating your existing asphalt surface or pavement regularly saves you a large amount of cash in resurfacing and repairs costs. To find out how our expert asphalt seal-coating contractor in Mackay can enhance your curb appeal talk to us today.

    Maintaining and repairing asphalt driveway

    Whether a paved asphalt driveway is perfectly paved, it still wears over time. Under those circumstances, cracks appear, stripping fades and uneven surfaces develop. In the event this happens, our maintenance experts can handle residential driveway maintenance work of any size. Because of this, you save high resurfacing expenses.

    The asphalt contractor in Mackay is proud of their asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair abilities. In light of this, our repair technicians complete the project efficiently the first time. Our preventative maintenance prolongs your asphalt driveway life. 

    Timely preventative maintenance is vital to optimising your asphalt driveway life.


    Our asphalt maintenance firm handles all your driveway repairs, for example, patching, seal coating and crack filling. We use top-notch equipment, superior quality materials, the latest application methods and skilled professionals.  To this end, we ensure we complete your asphalt driveway repair project quickly and correctly.

      For additional information on Australian Construction’s asphalt services, call us today.