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Professional Asphalt Services In Melbourne

    For our Australian Construction professional team, no task is too big or small to meet your needs. We specialise in repairing all kinds of asphalt pavements for industrial and commercial sites like factories, schools, shopping centres and roadways. Our asphalt contractor in Melbourne have a wide variety of equipment and a big committed team of contractors. 

    Our experienced and skilled team makes sure that we are the top choice for asphalt services in Melbourne. We understand that your budget and your project results are essential to creating lasting impressions to your visitors.

    We guarantee our service and can attest to its ability to withstand the test of time. Quality work, built on time and on budget is our guiding objective here with our asphalt contractors in Melbourne. 

    Asphalt Driveways

    We offer the most affordable, quality asphalt driveways in Melbourne. Our team provides top quality finish and promises the best customer service.

    Australian Construction 

    Australian Construction is supported by vast experience. We provide the following range of asphalt services all over Melbourne:

    • Asphalt Rural Driveways
    • Asphalt Repairs
    • Asphalt Car Parks
    • Asphalt Paving
    • Asphalt Resurfacing
    • Asphalt Driveways in Melbourne
    • Asphalt Schools Yards

    Benefits of an Asphalt Driveway

    An asphalt driveway gives you an attractive and cost-effective option for enhancing your property. The finishing offers a flexible, quality and handy product for your asphalt driveway, making your property more valuable.

    Australian Construction is an experienced leader in the asphalting sector. Our skilled team has built its local reputation in Melbourne by supplying top level, high calibre projects in a variety of asphalt based driveways and road settings.

    Our asphalt contractor in Melbourne uses superior and modern equipment to give you top-quality finish. In addition to our quality asphalt servicing work, we promise to provide ongoing support and up to date communication along the way, from start to finish.


    Australian Construction has a skilled asphalt driveway team that provides quality driveway construction, repair and maintenance service.  We supply commercial asphalt driveways in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. Developers, builders and landscapers seek us out to help them in their building requirements.

    Our quality of work, reliable service and affordable pricing sets us apart from competing local asphalt services. Asphalt Contractor in Melbourne has been leading the way in providing top-quality asphalt services to Melbourne residents and nearby areas. 

    Australian Construction has a large fleet of commercial trucks, reliable equipment and a highly experienced and skilled  asphalt construction team. We are Melbourne’s number 1 choice for all asphalt services in Melbourne. We are specialists in roadways, car parks, hard-stand areas, footpaths and driveways. 

    Incredible attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what sets Australian Construction apart from other services. We stand out from the rest because we make customer satisfaction our first priority and any work conducted by us comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the result, we will continue working. We make sure that our work is completed within the period agreed and on budget every time.

    Industrial & Commercial Asphalt Paving

    Australian Construction has vast experience in the asphalt sector. We have the latest equipment and plant, which helps facilitate our delivery of top standard work. We have skilled estimators who visit your site to talk about your needs. While on-site our project leader will  advise you, if required, of alternative solutions should scope or job size vary during the project, keeping in mind any time or budget concerns you might have. 

    We appreciate that value for money is essential when it comes to your business or home. We are proud to offer competitive prices; however, we do not compromise on quality, and our work is of the highest standards.

    The asphalt contractors we use in Melbourne gives you a free, no-obligation quote and our skilled team works within the customer’s schedule. We deliver quality work, with top-notch finish and guarantee value for money.

    We use the best equipment to make sure that you get the expected results. Australian Construction owns the newest 1303-2 and 1603-2 pavers that offer you top-quality products with more accuracy and efficiency. 

    Australian Construction can provide minor and major repairs to meet the customers’ requirements for commercial, government, industrial or residential projects. We have a customised method for paving and asphalt laying services and it ensures that our competent contractors can work all over Melbourne. We accord each of our clients’ similar superior level of service.

    Services provided by Asphalt Contractor in Melbourne

    Australian Construction specialises in major car parks, roadways, footpaths and hard-stand areas. We have a big range of fleet and the newest equipment from abroad and our experienced team delivers the best. The asphalt contractor in Melbourne handles minor and major jobs, for instance, personal ideas, design and specifications.  

    We service commercial, governmental, residential and council projects and have years of experience in the asphalt sector. Therefore, you can depend on us to offer you the ideal asphalt driveways and repairs.

    Quality Asphalt Paving Contractors

    The Australian Construction team understands all of the intricacies of asphalt-paving and asphalt laying and will only use the most ideal and suitable machinery for the job. We practice various methods to serve a range of different customers who require paving services in Melbourne.

    We are proud of our knowledgeable and hard-working team of asphalt workers, repairers, plant operators, suppliers, and a skilled management team. Our abilities and experience is second to none and unmatched by any other asphalt contractors Melbourne.

    We use only the best machinery in the industry to complete our projects. It includes Bobcat Profilers, Vogele Pavers and Custom Built Rollers. 

    Asphalt Contractor in Melbourne provides various services like driveways, construction, design, car parks, sporting courts, car parks, plant hire services, school areas, asphalt paving and sporting courts. We indicate our list of services and a wide range of earlier projects on our website to give you a feel of what we do.

    The Best Asphalt Paving and repair services

    Our team at Australian Construction expertly handles any job, big or small. We deliver work to the highest principles. To keep our promise about such codes, for each service, we provide product & quality guarantee. You can have peace of mind because our work is comprehensively insured.


    For your road repairs, superior asphalt paving or asphalt laying, the experienced team at Australian Construction can meet your needs with utmost reliability. Our team have exceptional paving solutions that assist business and home-owners in Melbourne to improve their properties’ access. 

    Aus Construction offer obligation-free unrivalled quotations where value and knowledge is concerned and professional advice. We advise all our clients to call us to discuss the ideal method and solution that is best for their needs. 

    Book an appointment with us today and give us the chance to discuss the best asphalt services that meet your needs!