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The Best Commercial Asphalt Services In Newcastle

    Australian Construction provides asphalt services in Newcastle. We are proud to offer a quick and trustworthy service to all our clients from beginning to end, from highways to driveways. Our experienced asphalt contractor in Newcastle offers bitumen and asphalt finishes to meet your requirements, from large industrial yards, rural properties and commercial subdivision, to small driveways.

    Our asphalt contractors in Newcastle carries out its ground preparation and you are guaranteed a great bitumen finish every time. With quality material from Australian companies like Sami Bitumen Technologies, Fulton Hogan and Boral Asphalt, rest assured your project looks the part.

    Our Asphalt Services

    The asphalt contractors we have in Newcastle offer a full variety of unique profiling asphalt and pavement services for every application.  Our dedicated and experienced team of experts has always delivered proven results. Australian Construction provides top-quality asphalt and ingenuity to every project. Our clients include state government departments, local governments and a significant number of blue-chip customers in the private sector.

    Repairing potholes fast and effectively 

    Our asphalt contractor in Newcastle specialises in top-notch pothole repairs for car parks, main roads, school playgrounds, main roads and other tarmac surfaces.  Australian Construction has years of experience in performing fast and professional pothole repairs, with minimal interruption to the public. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and site surveys. Our asphalt contractors in Newcastle will fill troublesome potholes quickly and efficiently.

    Asphalt Contractor in Newcastle multi-step pothole procedure

    Our asphalt professionals surfacing involves a multi-stage procedure for filling in potholes that guarantees you a durable repair. Australian Construction ensures the delivery of resilient and strong repairs that match the road’s appearance closely.

    Step 1 Our team clears the pothole completely of loose debris then cuts and levels the edges.

    Step 2 We apply a tack coating over the pothole surface and seal it to make the tarmac hold.

    Step 3 Our skilled team lays a durable, top-quality tarmacadam mix inside the hole then levels the road.

    Step 4 We then use a bitumen coating to seal all the edges, maintaining watertight repairs and to avoid erosion.

    Guaranteed customer satisfaction

    At Australian Construction, we are extremely confident in our pothole repairs’ quality. That is the reason we offer a price match on all your surfacing jobs. The asphalt contracting team in Newcastle will match any competitors’ quote. So, if anyone else offers you a cheaper quote, call us on 1800 155 881. We will match it.

    Durable road surface repairs

    Australian Construction has a team of specialists in superior quality road repairs for main roads, driveways, factory yards, school playgrounds and different tarmac surfaces. We have vast experience in carrying out expert, quick road surface repairs, and you can rely on our extensive knowledge.

    Australian Construction’s 6-step road repair procedure

    Our asphalt contractors in Newcastle follow a standard 6-step procedure to repair road and tarmac surfaces. We promise you a durable and quality result.

    Step 1 Our team of professionals clears any loose slit, grime and materials and use root-killing weed-killer where required.

    Step 2 Our team adjusts any ironwork like (gas, water & gas boxes and manhole covers) to facilitate the final height.

    Step 3 We cut back and level existing tarmac surfaces, ready to build it back to the height required.

    Step 4 The team then seals all the joints to nearby surfaces to avoid water ingress and safeguard edges.

    Step 5 We apply and roll the last surface tarmacadam layer at a depth that suits the anticipated traffic.

    Step 6 Finally, we then apply tack and administers emulsion coating to cover the entire area and leave the tarmac to adhere.

    Asphalt Services in Newcastle

    It can be challenging for you to choose from various asphalt options, particularly if you wish your business, home, office space or warehouse to have the best.

    When you want to build or refurbish your workplace or home premises, you should consider many factors like durability, cost and installation. Did you know that polished asphalt flooring is now popular throughout Australia? 

    Asphalt flooring has many benefits. Our company offers ideal asphalt flooring in Newcastle. Our team has perfected the art of restoring present asphalt floors and setting up new ones.

    We are also very popular for providing durable and cost-effective solutions. We keep up with the trends to give you ideal asphalt services and offer you better solutions.

    Asphalt repairs and maintenance

    Australian Construction has an expert team that carries out stabilised patching. UCS and Compaction Tests have proven our services the ideal and most affordable long-term solution in restoring pavements. We offer our clients a full pavement maintenance plan customised to your requirements.

    Road Construction

    Australian Construction provides complete service base construction like disposal of soil, excavation, supply, lay and compaction of various gravel and road base material. We are experienced in final base trim-base modifications and sub-grade, for instance, in situ stabilisation.

    How Asphalt benefits the private sector

    • Asphalt is fully recyclable.
    • Cost-effective
    • Sets quicker than concrete
    • Asphalt describes a petroleum-based item that contracts and expands when temperature changes; it greatly reduces cracking.
    • It offers high contrast and enhanced brightness for traffic markings.
    • Repairing it is simpler compared to concrete
    • It has a smooth finish and provides drivers skid resistance.
    • You can drive on it almost immediately after the completion of laying.

    In-situ services

    At Australian Construction, we combine our experience, engineering expertise and our various equipment and plant allows us to provide complete in-situ stabilisation services all over Newcastle. In situ stabilisation has gained fame as a road pavement rehabilitation method. Recycling is more affordable when you want to improve in situ materials’ quality in a current pavement compared to importing virgin material of better quality.


    We have built our company on principles of professionalism, safety, organisation and excellence. Asphalt Contractor Australia has earned the reputation of delivering services on budget and on time. We comply with the best practices in the industry in OH&S standards and environmental management.

    We are proud to give you customer satisfaction and accurate and clear communication. Australian Construction aims to give you the best service in the industry.

    Call us today and get the best asphalt services in Newcastle!