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The Most Efficient Asphalt Contractor Service In Perth

    From its inception, Australian Construction has established an excellent reputation as the best asphalt contractor in Perth and beyond, like the Goldfields, Wheat Belt and the South West.

    Our team is proud to offer quality resurfacing, asphalting, and commercial and maintenance paving solutions.  We work with commercial contractors and provide the latest trucks, road building equipment and other vehicles.

    Australian Construction’s primary focus is on our team members’ experience and skills. Each of them holds operator certificates for our machinery and Civil Construction Certificate III.

    Professional Pothole Repairs in Perth

    Potholes are unsightly and dangerous and make a bad impression on your customers and visitors. It is crucial to repair potholes before they become worse, especially during the wetter seasons. You also need to avoid the pothole repair from turning into a speed hump. Asphalt surfaces have a long life span. But, maintenance is vital since it keeps your asphalt surface functional, safe and appealing. 

    Australian Construction creates superior asphalt pothole repairs to driveways, car parks and pathways. Our skilled team cuts, boxes out and lays at the present level, attaining a flush finish. Our asphalt contractors in Perth gives you a driveway, car park or pathway that looks as good as new!

    How potholes develop

    As time goes, your asphalt surface experiences cracks mainly because of cooling and heating of the surface and traffic. You may not consider a tiny crack in the surface of your asphalt as an issue. However, even a small crack enables water to leak to the materials beneath.

    The additional strain of surface cooling and heating which leads to retention and contraction issues has accumulative effects over time potentially leading to breaks, cracks and potholes.

    It would be best for you to immediately repair the potholes with the help of professional asphalt contractors like Australian Construction.

    How we repair potholes

    At Australian Construction, we make sure we understand what you need. It is the reason our competent team always carries out an on-site inspection. As we carry out the inspection, we discuss the work scope with you, assess the damage and measure the locations that require repair. 

    We give you a quote depending on the details we gather from the on-site visit. Australian Construction quotes are final, and you are assured you will not get any unexpected expenses. Our competent team is proud to offer top-quality service, and we endeavour to work with customers, property managers and different stakeholders to ensure access. 

    Australian Construction holds discussions with shop owners, residents and other people who may get affected. We talk about specific needs to avoid interruption. We cut the destroyed part out on the repair day, apply a binder (tack coat) then lay and compact the asphalt. Our team always removes our rubbish once the job is done, leaving your site tidy and clean.

    Pothole Repair

    Asphalt Contractor in Perth repairs potholes in one visit allowing you to carry on using your driveway almost immediately after completion. All quotes are final and upfront and client approval is sought  before commencing each project. 

    Australian Construction will always inspect the work first-hand, often walking through the site with the customer to offer more direct clarity around the work scope about to be undertaken. 

    We’ll measure all the locations that need repairing and offer specific quotes based on each area. Time-frames and total work scope preparedness from customers end is discussed early on in communication to ensure we are only working within time frames that are convenient to our customers and property managers. 

    Collaborative confirmation between all parties involved is sought beforehand to ensure minimal interruption to surrounding shop owners or residents.

    Why you should choose Australian Construction

    The Australian Construction team is dedicated to offering you ideal service. We value transparency and ensure you feel informed all the way through.  Our team completes projects on time and works within your budget. The asphalt contractors we have in Perth have years of experience, guaranteeing great quality work when repairing your driveway.

    Asphalt Car parks in Perth

    An asphalt car park presents a crucial introduction to your school, organisation, business or strata development. It allows you to make a great impression and create easy access when entering or leaving your facility. 

    If you want to install a new car park or repair your existing one, the Australian Construction competent team can assist. We help commercial properties, home-owners and others with total construction of new car parks and repair current ones.

    Our driveway construction involves:

    • Drainage installation
    • Site preparation
    • Base work
    • Line marking
    • Machine or hand-laid asphalt
    • Crossovers
    • Curbing

    Should you choose an Asphalt Driveway?

    Asphalt is a remarkably durable material and is perfect for driveways. Constructing it and laying it down is easy, and Australian Construction can maintain it for you at a cost-effective price. Our experienced team takes minimal time to lay an asphalt driveway, and you can drive on it almost immediately after laying.

    Asphalt is an extremely flexible material compared to different roadway materials and it is less susceptible to cracking over time. Asphalt is long lasting and durable, lasting up to 20 years after installation. Asphalt is oil-based, thus oil leaks are not physically visible like with other materials. So, you have no reason to be concerned about your driveway having oil stains.

    Benefits of building an asphalt driveway

    • Reliable: asphalt is a weather-resistant material, best for high and low traffic conditions.
    • Environmental-friendly: producing and constructing asphalt needs about 20% less energy compared to other pavement materials.  From production, to laying of material, recycling unused bits in combination with low need for energy consumption and producing far fewer greenhouse gases, asphalt use in general is far more efficient as conserving natural resources, thus making it the number one environmentally friendly choice for pavement selection.
    • Minimal maintenance: While maintenance and upgrades will always become an inevitable requirement for all projects, you can rest assured that any work completed by Asphalt Contractor services Perth will last much longer then the average bitumen installation or asphalt driveway. The repairs we do later attend to on asphalt surfaces are still generally more affordable compared to other pavement materials. 
    • Flexibility: For heavy and light vehicles, asphalt is the best material.  We advise you to install an asphalt driveway because it is a worthwhile investment that will undoubtedly pay off.


    Our team at Australian Construction is committed to offering you high-quality service. We treasure transparency, and ensure you feel comfortable each step of the way. Asphalt Contractor in Perth will complete your project on time and on budget. 

    We guarantee you top quality repairs and establishment of your driveway.