Efficient Asphalt Contractor Services In Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Asphalt Contractor

Port Macquarie Asphalt Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we offer high-quality asphalt paving services. Besides, we provide turnkey solutions for businesses throughout Port Macquarie. Our clients trust the expertise of our asphalt contractor in Port Macquarie. There are several reasons for this.

    First, our clients know we will deliver their projects fast and second, we offer great rates. Third, we work according to the highest professional standards. You may want to pave a new street or roadway. Or maybe you need to pave a jogging trail, parking lot, sideway or street

    In that case, we have the experience necessary for your project. Therefore, our asphalt contractor in Port Macquarie can give you a durable and affordable solution.

    Asphalt repair

    As time goes, asphalt ages and starts to deteriorate. It is a result of root damage, lousy drainage or subgrade failure. Consequently, it starts to crack. Cracks create openings for water to seep to the sub-surface. Frozen, spongy or wet sub-grade leads to more flexing and cracking of asphalt.

    When cracks start appearing, cleaning and filling them with hot tar crack filler is very useful. In effect, it slows down the water infiltration procedure. Furthermore, it prolongs the surrounding asphalt’s life.

    One method we use to repair areas with multiple cracking or alligatoring is cutting the damaged area’s perimeter. Then, we remove and change the asphalt. After fixing the asphalt, sealing the joints between the new and old asphalt is essential. Our competent team uses hot tar crack filler. As a result, it decreases the likelihood of water permeation in the future. 

    Asphalt and concrete overlay

    You may want to replace a large driveway or parking lot. In that case, an asphalt overlay might be an option. The asphalt contractor in Port Macquarie overlays concrete and asphalt if they are not in bad shape. If we notice sub-grade damage, we then remove these areas and replace them before any overlay. Our skilled team cleans the existing surface meticulously. Also, we dry any wet spots. We coat using tack (CSS-1), which works as a kind of glue. 

    It helps in sticking the old and new asphalt surface together. After placing the tack coat, we apply a weed killer where cracks exist. Because of this, any existing weed dies.

    New asphalt paving

    In case of a new driveway or parking lot, the Australian Construction team prepares an excellent solid base before asphalt placement. We usually place and fine grades a crushed rock featuring a 2″ -6″ base. It is to prepare for paving depending on the sub-grade condition. You must remember that asphalt’s efficiency depends on the surface beneath it. Therefore, an excellent suitable base is essential.

    We prepare and compact the rock base thoroughly. After this, we cover the whole surface with a weedkiller before paving. The purpose of the new paved areas determines the depth of the asphalt our team lays.

    Grading/crushed rock placement

    If you want a flawless crushed rock surface, we are glad to provide this surface also.  The asphalt contractor in Port Macquarie places and fine grades crushed rock in new areas. We also fine grade existing spaces and the required crushed rock. During the grading operation and after, we compact the crushed rock thoroughly. As a result, it ensures a robust and smooth surface.


    Australian Construction has vast experience as we have provided commercial and industrial asphalt paving services for years. These services extend to both industrial and commercial projects. Our paving contractors are specialised in all asphalt paving areas. It includes seal coating, crack filling, new construction or resurfacing. 

    After carrying out the paving and grading, our graders smooth the asphalt. We take great care to offer complete services. As such, we also handle the signage and stripping services. Moreover, we provide the best line marking services, and we fully comply with all regulations.

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