Outstanding Asphalt Contractor Services In Rockhampton

Rockhampton Asphalt Contractor

Rockhampton Asphalt Contractor

    Australian Construction offers the most superior asphalt and bitumen services. Furthermore, we are specialists in all elements of spray sealing and asphalt installation. Moreover, our asphalt contractor in Rockhampton brings vast experience to all the projects we handle.

    Our skilled team prepares, installs and maintains bitumen and asphalt roads from the tiniest potholes to big civil projects. Besides, we also work on car parks, driveways, pathways and pavements.

    The asphalt contractor in Rockhampton has the experience and expertise to assist with any asphalting project. We have high standard quality coupled with completing our tasks on time. We do this within the set budget, and we meet the customer’s satisfaction.


    Spray sealing and asphalt driveways & private roads

    When a sealed driveway features on rural or suburban blocks, it looks elegant and modern. Comparatively, asphalt driveways are a lot more flexible than concrete or paved driveways. 

    It enables your driveway to contract and expand in cold and hot conditions. It also happens when the soil conditions change. However, it does not experience a similar level of movement or cracking.

    Asphalt paths and driveways look excellent leading into industrial, commercial as well as residential sites. First, initial impressions are essential. Second, it needs much less upkeep and maintenance. And third, it is more cost-effective. It gives you an ideal choice for your driveway. 

    Spray sealing is more affordable than asphalt. The asphalt contractor in Rockhampton uses this technique to pave huge areas. In this case, there is no issue of high traffic volumes, for instance, footpaths, private roads and rural driveways. Consequently, it offers effective aggregate retention and waterproofing when we apply it as a wearing surface.  This process features a two-coast seal.

    Asphalt pavements and roads

    Commercial and civil projects of any size need a skilled team. Additionally, the right equipment and experience are essential to enable our professional team to handle the job quickly and on budget. 

    You may have a project that involves asphalt road construction, repair or resurfacing. Regardless, Australian Construction is the ideal option. In other words, we ensure we deliver your project safely, on time and within budget.

    We deliver projects for small and large commercial businesses. Additionally, our specialised crews are available 24/7, and we can mobilise them all over Rockhampton. Besides, we do not need third-party sub-contractors.

    Some of our civil asphalting services are:

    • Profiling
    • Stabilisation
    • Base preparation and earthworks
    • Patching
    • Kerbing
    • Line marking
    • Emulsion spray (double coat or single)
    • All aspects of bitumen and asphalt spraying
    • Underground services check 

    Our projects include:


    Renew and reseal old asphalt pavement and roads using our rejuvenation treatment

    • Schools
    • Pipeline trenching
    • Pathways
    • Bike tracks
    • Car parks
    • Road maintenance & road construction

    With time, bitumen and asphalt sealed pavements can disintegrate because of harsh environmental conditions. The experienced team at Australian Construction can rehabilitate cracking, oxidation and overall pavement degradation. A full reseal is not necessary.

    We have a cost-effective rejuvenation treatment that ensures pavement durability. During this treatment, the asphalt contractor in Rockhampton sprays a bitumen emulsion on the pavement. It then fills the air voids and cracks, hence, achieving a consistent colour and finish.

    This rehabilitation service is suitable for low traffic pavements with excellent structural integrity. Therefore it attains the ideal outcomes before total degradation of the surface. 

    It is best for:

    • Airfields
    • Private roads
    • Caravan parks
    • Schools and a lot of other applications


    Whatever your project, Australian Construction is the best choice. We have the plant, experience and staff to complete any project, despite the location or size. We are specialists in road maintenance, road rehabilitation works, earthworks, and footpath construction in the government sector. We pay particular attention to road profiling, bitumen spray sealing, and asphalt works.

      We look forward to hearing from you today, and we will be happy to meet all your asphalt needs!