Get The Best Asphalt Contractor On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Asphalt Contractor

Sunshine Coast Asphalt Contractor

    Australian Construction is a trusted name in the asphalt services sector. It is because our asphalt contractor on the Sunshine Coast delivers quality bitumen and asphalt paving services for industrial, commercial and residential projects on the entire Sunshine Coast. 

    We are proud to have built the most prestigious and prominent pavements on the Sunshine Coast.  The reason is that our modern fleet still sets and raises standards for reliable and efficient asphalt supplies.  We are known for quality and innovation. Above all, we have the expertise and ability to meet specific paving projects needs in a dynamic and ever-changing sector.

    We are committed to quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Also, we work within economic needs placing our form at the top of the industry. Notably, we have developed a standard that makes us exceed our customers’ expectations consistently. 

    Our services

    The asphalt contractor on the Sunshine Coast specialises in all surfacing aspects. Some of them are:

    Benefits of asphalt

    Asphalt is 100% recyclable. Additionally, it is a durable product, and it can last for even 20 years depending on the traffic volume. It adapts easily with the motion of the underlying pavement. Consequently, it facilitates a longer lifespan. As a result, the end product has a smooth finish, a decrease in traffic noise, and a better fuel economy.

    Unlike concrete, the repair procedure is a lot quicker and cost effective. We can resurface without eliminating the existing asphalt surface. After the surface temperature drops lower than 900C, it is possible to drive asphalt.

    Asphalt driveways

    Are you fed up with cleaning the dirt and dust from your home and car? Or are you tired of cleaning the driveway entrance from excess dirt and gravel? Maybe you used a wheelbarrow to fill potholes and ruts only to have the rain wash it away, therefore raking rocks from your lawn.

    In that case, our asphalt contractor on the Sunshine Coast specialises in building your new driveway from beginning to end. In addition, we handle all water catchment and runoff, drainage, turf borders, concrete ending and stone boards. Our experts can customise and design to match and suit your theme.

    For homeowners, a property’s first impression is a top priority. Therefore, give your property the appearance it deserves. We have numerous options regarding doing your driveway. The individual’s preference is another crucial point.  The benefits of using asphalt on your driveway are:

    • Easy maintenance
    • Hard-wearing
    • Does not stain
    • Recyclable
    • It does not slip when wet
    • It costs much less compared to concrete

    Potholes and repairs/maintenance

    Does your existing surface need repairs? Or does your rental property, workplace or footpath or car park present a public liability that may happen anytime? In that case, act now before it happens. Unless potholes are maintained, they continue growing. Our asphalt contractor on the Sunshine Coast has numerous maintenance fleets. The multiple maintenance fleets at Australian Construction work 24/7 and have vast experience. 

    We are proud of first, the safety quality, second, customer satisfaction and third, giving our customers valuable maintenance solutions. Our clients include schools, shopping centres and local councils.


    At Australian Construction, we give our clients industry-leading equipment and technology. Equally important, we combine the use of top quality materials and a skilled team. It enables us to provide excellent results each time. Because of this, we work more cost-effectively and faster and, in the end, save you money and time!

      For an experienced asphalt-paving firm to handle your project on the Sunshine Coast, we are your best bet, so call us today!