Expert Asphalt Contractor Services In Toowoomba

Toowoomba Asphalt Contractor

Toowoomba Asphalt Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are incredibly knowledgeable about asphalt. Therefore, we know it entails much more than people think! Our asphalt contractor in Toowoomba offers major industrial road projects.

    Besides, we offer small, tailored residential designs. We have many years experience. It, therefore, supports our services. Asphalt is the choice material for major roadways. It is also popular in private driveways. Furthermore, it is a preferred material for tennis courts.

    We provide various asphalt services. For instance, we serve major industrial road projects. Additionally, we handle custom residential designs. Our experience stems from working on various Australian projects.

    Not many firms offer a comprehensive asphalt solution. With this in mind, allow us to handle your project. We will then give you a quote. You will then access our asphalt repair services.

    Asphalt features

    Asphalt presents a durable, impermeable material. Additionally, it is a durable composite material. It is made up of bitumen and different ingredients. The choice of ingredients depends on the final properties required. Examples of these properties are strength and flexibility. Also, their resistance to friction and heat determines this.

    Asphalt maintenance

    Our asphalt contractor in Toowoomba provides asphalt maintenance services. It is ideal for handling asphalt repairs early. We do this to prevent cracks and potholes. Our team also prevents subsidence from becoming significant hazards.

    A simple pothole is annoying. The reason is potholes destroy tyres on bikes and cars. Therefore, they make it dangerous for people. The reason is that people can trip. Additionally, they lead to expensive repairs.

    Our professional team repairs damaged asphalts in loading bays. We also repair them in car parks in motels and hotels. We handle school grounds and shopping centres as well. Furthermore, we repair asphalt in any area where it has broken down. It may be caused by water damage, age or weathering.

    We offer the following asphalt maintenance services:

    • Crack sealing
    • Pothole repair
    • Pavement deterioration
    • Utility trench subsidence
    • Steelwork, pits and utility holes

    Tennis courts and car parks

    The asphalt contractor in Toowoomba is highly experienced. Our experience extends to clubs. We have also worked for businesses and societies. Our team handles corporation works as well. An example is tennis courts. Besides, we handle car parks and courtyards. Additionally, our team also works on bikeways and much more. 

    After all, we understand our clients’ needs. Australian Construction works closely with our customers. Therefore, we implement a design choice. It meets their timeframe and budget. We ensure it suits their quality needs. 

    There are many reasons why asphalt is a preferred option for car parks. First, comparatively, the life cycle is less than concrete. And, so is the construction time. Second, asphalt is visually appealing. 

    Due to this, it improves the appeal of your business to clients.  You may want asphalt for a new build. Or, maybe you need it for a present structure. Regardless, asphalt paving is fast. As a result, your paved car park becomes useable immediately. Your customers and employees can access it.

    Asphalt is highly flexible, durable and versatile. So, we design the asphalt pavement to resist changing temperatures and loads. As a result, maintenance is quick. It is also easy and affordable. Our asphalt paving also makes it simple to construct your parking lot in phases. The reason is that your business requires growing. Usually, your car park is the first and last impression you give your visitors, employees and clients. It leaves the positive impression you want. 

    Australian Construction has a highly skilled team. They take care of your basketball or tennis court project. They do this from beginning to end. So, it ensures the set out follows the court regulation dimensions.


    Asphalt driveways are attractive. In the same fashion, they add value to your home investment. Therefore, you get handsome returns on capital. That is if you decide to return to the market. Asphalt is durable and robust. It withstands thawing and freezing. The asphalt contractor in Toowoomba offers pavements with flexible design. It is, therefore, suitable for specific areas. For example areas with features like reclaimed land.

      We look forward to handling your asphalt services in Toowoomba today.