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Choose The Best Asphalt Contractor In Townsville

    Here at Australian Construction, one of our main objectives is to build long-term relationships. It is why we promise every customer that our performance and service levels will be top-quality to meet all Australian standards. Our team of experts determines and gives quality artistry; we pay attention to detail and work safely and timely at an affordable rate. Our asphalt contractor in Townsville puts in every effort to meet your particular needs.

    Australian Construction is experienced and we can provide quality services in Townsville for asphalt and line marking. Allow the Australian Construction team of experts to take the stress out from your job, with peace of mind knowing you’ve got the right experts for your project.

    Our specialist paving services

    Australian Construction has been laying asphalt for years. Due to this experience, our team knows the ideal methods of laying asphalt and we comply with all Australian Standards. You can depend on our professional team to prepare your new pavement’s base and surface. 

    Durable and affordable

    Asphalt presents a durable and appealing paving material. The clean and smooth finish gives asphalt an attractive look. The look lasts for many years and requires little to no maintenance. If you are on a budget for your new parking lot, the perfect option is asphalt; it is cost-friendly and dependable.

    Consistent Excellence

    Our Australian Construction team endeavours to provide you with quality workmanship. With a long standing reputation for laying asphalt we are proud to continue servicing Townsville with  top-quality work. The majority of our clients are repeat customers which speaks volume of our continued and repeated level of dedication to high quality asphalt services Townsville.

    The paving procedure

    Every good driveway requires a rigid base to remain strong throughout the years. So, our asphalt contractor in Townsville starts by peeling off any old concrete or asphalt and builds a solid base for your new asphalt. After our skilled team completes the base, they mix, lay and smooth out this new asphalt surface. The whole procedure usually takes around one week.

    Custom driveways

    Australian Construction customises each driveway to ensure that we meet all your requirements. Whether you have a long and winding or short and straight driveway, our team has the skills and equipment to provide you with a smooth and clean driveway. Whether you require an exceptionally thick or wide driveway surface, Australian Construction can assist you with any custom requirements. 

    Happy Clients

    The Australian Construction team continually strives to satisfy its customers. With a repeatable and consistent effort, our loyal customer base has grown exponentially throughout the years with most of the clientele and projects coming from repeat business or word of mouth.

    Five considerations when looking for an Asphalt Contractor in Townsville

    If you have work that involves highways, driveway, parking lot or activity area paving, choose a quality asphalt paving firm like Australian Construction for residential and commercial projects. To select an ideal asphalting company, conduct research on service providers and get recommendations from reliable sources, references and third party reviews. 

    It is vital to examine various sources of recommendations and information before making your final choice. Apart from the shared opinions and research you conduct, the quality of products and paving materials is another factor you should consider when picking an asphalt contractor from Townsville. If you want an expert paving contractor with professional engineers check the qualities below:

    1Cost: Competitive costing is a crucial factor when looking for an Asphalt Contractor in Townsville. The company representatives should give you a complimentary quote and site visit. Price of projects can be determined by many factors so its important to know before planning your project what type of asphalt mixture you require, the equipment needed to service the job, the project area’s complexity, existing surface obstacles, recycling options and environmental factors.

     2.  Reviews:  A renowned asphalt-paving firm like Australian construction willingly shares client reviews and a rating from somewhere like the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). Often, the case study illustrations or reviews of a firm are available on their websites, and new and potential companies or individuals can view them. Sometimes, an asphalt-paving company like Australian Construction recommends all new clients peruse through our previous projects portfolio by visiting our site.

    3.  Project history and years of experience:  When you work with an experienced asphalt-paving team, they assist you to make the best choices for your property and will save you time and money. Our team at Australian Construction communicates with you in an informed and straightforward manner. This process allows you to review illustrations of similar complex projects and the solutions we have provided other clients that are relevant to your project.

    4.  Insured and licensed:  An asphalt contractor in Townsville should be willing to give you documentation indicating they are insured and licensed. This documentation protects their team and equipment and also protects you and your property.

    5Warranty:  An efficient contractor like Australian Construction should deliver expert work and prioritise customer satisfaction. Some firms do not provide a project warranty (materials and workmanship). However, a service warranty will guarantee that the Asphalt Contractor in Townsville will complete the project to industry standards and meet your property’s unique needs.

    The firm should deliver what was agreed on when the project commenced. Most firm warranties differ depending on project circumstances. Therefore, make sure you have all the data in writing before your project starts. Installation professionals should also offer guidelines to help you prolong your newly seal-coated or paved surface.

    Apart from conducting web research, calling a potential contractor like Australian Construction gives you what you require to make a wise decision for your commercial or residential paving project. Talking directly with installation experts and asphalt engineers can assure you that you are starting your project confidently. 

    Most firms have a ‘contact us’ page on their website that offers the essential data to the contractor who responds promptly.


    If you have an asphalt project in Townsville, Australian Construction has your back. For a big project, you need professional contractors like us to ensure we do the job right the first time.

    We have the right asphalt contractors for the project.  Our team are fully licensed, accredited and capable of doing the job to suit your precise needs. The team works well with our Townsville clients and are proud of the many referrals they give us!

    Contact us today for your asphalt needs; we give you peace of mind knowing you are working with the best in Townsville!