Choose The Best Asphalt Contractor Services In Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga Asphalt Contractor

Wagga Wagga Asphalt Contractor

    Trust Australian Construction is popular for complete bitumen, road asphalt and asphalt sealing services in Wagga Wagga. Our asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga has years of experience. Besides, we are committed to helping business and homeowners to enjoy the ideal footpaths and driveways. 

    Also, we offer the ideal road, tennis courts, car parks and footpaths. We handle new builds and whole subdivisions for commercial and residential clients. Additionally, we mainly work with local councils and governments.

    Regardless of the job size, we have you covered! Because our crews are skilled and reliable, we offer outstanding service. Above all, our asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga also offers different services. They range from spray sealing, repairing cracks and creating new services.

    Hotmix asphalting

    Australian Construction lays and prepares major highways and potholes. We deal with all sized jobs. Our asphalting method is effective in specific areas. For example, where there is heavy traffic, coupled with the movement of heavy vehicles.

    Comparatively, asphalting presents a faster, cheaper and more effective alternative than concreting. Additionally, it adds value to your house or apartment complex. The asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga works fast. Therefore, there is minimal interruption in your business. We are leaders in the asphalting field. Moreover, our experienced paving crew ensures satisfaction with our professional finish.

    Asphalt patching

    Damaged surfaces, cracks and potholes can be unsafe and annoying. Also, if they are not fixed, they can be costly. Sadly, if they are left unattended for long, they worsen. As a result, it leads to the need for major repair work.

    Our experienced operators use specialised equipment. At the same time, our skilled operators can establish an affordable patch solution. It can restore your destroyed surface. Also, we work frequently with tradespeople. It includes plumbers, electricians as well as telecommunications technicians. They handle inspection and trench hole reinstatements.

    Your asphalt area may be damaged. Or you might need asphalt reinstatement work. Regardless, call us today for a site inspection. We will then suggest an asphalt patching solution. Not only will it prolong the life and enhance functionality but it will also make your asphalted area safe.


    Because we use the latest equipment, we undertake repairs and resurfacing. We also handle road paving. We deal with major commercial works and smaller community roads. Australian Construction has worked with state government and local councils on many road-asphalting projects. Therefore, we give you all the experience you need for working on all sized jobs.

    Residential services

    The asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga provides residential services. It includes asphalt driveways, paths, paving and repairs. Besides, we also offer brick edging, timber edging and re-sheeting over concrete or asphalt.

    Do you want to change your existing driveway? Or do you wish to build a new driveway? Despite your needs, call our experts. We will expertly design and build a new driveway. For this reason, your property becomes more valuable!

    Commercial services

    Our years of experience has made us Wagga Wagga’s top asphalt supplier. Australian Construction provides commercial asphalt services to customers. Furthermore, we do this at affordable and highly competitive rates.

    We own pavers, trucks, rollers and excavators, together with other machinery. In other words, we do not need to depend on a third party to hire from. In this regard, it minimises our costs. For a full construction, laying asphalt or hiring a day crew, talk to us.

    Asphalt Commercial Services

    The asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga provides commercial services. For instance, asphalt roadways, car parks and sports surfaces. Additionally, we offer asphalt repairs, speed humps and re-sheeting over concrete or asphalt.


    Australian Construction asphalt services cover all asphalting needs. From small residential areas to major commercial asphalting jobs, we are up to the task. Additionally, our services cover all elements of the job. It includes site preparation and talking to the relevant regulatory bodies.

      For all your asphalt needs in Wagga Wagga, we are available anytime!