The Best Commercial And Residential Asphalt Contractor In Wollongong

Wollongong Asphalt Contractor

Wollongong Asphalt Contractor

    Australian Construction is your best asphalt services solution. Together with building and maintaining asphalt driveways, and car parks, we also develop and maintain roads.  Moreover, our asphalt contractor in Wollongong handles speed bump and traffic sign installation, road marking and pothole repairs and patching. 

    Besides, we undertake all types of roadway damage and shoulder maintenance. Additionally, we have our traffic control teams. Australian Construction installs and maintains asphalt for driveways, car parks and roads.

    For the best asphalt-paving firm for your project, call our asphalt contractor in Wollongong today.

    Road construction and maintenance

    At Australian Construction, we build and maintain roads all over the Wollongong area. The asphalt contractor in Wollongong offers road maintenance services. 

    For example, we provide pothole repairs, line marking maintenance, as well as roadside marker posts. Besides, we also unblock storm-water drains and also undertake roadside gutter cleaning and maintenance.

    We also handle the mowing and vegetation control near intersections and roadsides. Maintenance programs include removing debris, rubbish and graffiti. Our top priority is the road users’ safety.  In light of this, our asphalt contractor in Wollongong carries out detailed risk assessments in case of any road safety concerns. We then submit them to the appropriate roads and traffic authorities.

    Asphalt driveways

    Asphalt is a beautiful alternative to concrete for constructing a farm and residential driveways.

    Cost: Comparatively, as a driveway construction material, asphalt is significantly cheaper than concrete.

    Durability: Concrete generally lasts longer than asphalt. However, when we apply sealer on time, your well-built asphalt driveway will last for even 30 years.

    Cracking: Unlike concrete, asphalt is less susceptible to concrete. When you walk along a suburban street, you will likely come across a concrete driveway with unattractive cracks. They result from drastic temperature changes or subsidence. As asphalt is more flexible than concrete, it is, therefore, less prone to these impacts.

    Appearance: Usually, people think that asphalt is dark and dull. On the other hand, for them, concrete is attractive because we can paint and stencil it. For this reason, people mainly expect concrete driveways to be more appealing.

    However, there have been developments in manufacturing specialised paints and sealers. As a result, the asphalt contractor in Wollongong can coat and stencil your asphalt driveway.  When choosing a material, appearance is not a problem because we have various colours to paint asphalt.

    Different possibilities

    Most people get worried about durability, appearance, and cost. But for us, getting the ideal balance for your situation is crucial. Australian Construction has various design choices for driveway construction.  

    Talk to us today and let us know what you need for your driveway. Our skilled team assesses your different requirements then gives solutions and advice. We will assess your various needs and offer advice and solutions for a driveway that will suit you best.

    Car parks

    With the cars and roads we use for moving around, it is essential to park safely and efficiently in today’s world. Asphalt is the popular construction material for commercial and residential car parks. If you want us to build a new car park for you or upgrade and maintain an existing one, we can help.

    A modern car park presents more than an area of asphalt. A car park should use the available site efficiently. Furthermore, it should be safe for pedestrians and drivers.  A car park can have signs, line markings, wheel stops and accessibility ramps. It also features walkways and shopping trolley return bays. The asphalt contractor in Wollongong has all the skills to give you the feature you want for your parking lot.


    Compared to other asphalt contractors, our asphalt contractor in Wollongong has one significant difference. We are unique because we can handle anything connected to asphalt car parks, driveways and roads. Moreover, unlike other asphalt-paving firms, we supply the total workforce needed to complete your work safely and efficiently.

      Therefore, we are the ideal option for all your asphalt needs, so call us today!