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Brisbane Bathroom Renovations Expert

    Renovations are probably one of the most exciting things in the construction industry, most especially so if you are renovating your bathroom. You need a Brisbane bathroom renovations contractor if you want to do this right. 

    The process of renovation requires a lot of time, money, and effort, and it will be difficult to do this on your own. This is where our service at Australian Construction comes in.

    But what do they do? Do they specialise in something? Today, we are going to discuss the said process, how it is done, and we’ll also help you in choosing the right contractor.

    What do bathroom renovations mean?

    Before we go through the deeper and more complex processes involved in bathroom renovations, let us first talk about what it generally is. 

    For a brief overview, renovation is a process that involves the altering of a room’s structure and/or design for the purpose of improving existing facilities. This is done to enhance the aesthetics and infrastructural integrity of a facility. This is also known as remodelling to some.

    Unlike popular belief, infrastructure does not need to be old or worn out in order to undergo renovation. Even if all the fixtures and surfaces are in perfect condition, this can still be availed even if the construction owner is only seeking a change in scenery. 

    However, is not just done for the sake of bringing a new aesthetic or design in the construction; this also comes with a lot of things that may benefit the infrastructure, or in this case, the bathroom. 

    Below are some:

    1. Detects Underlying Issues

    Along the process of renovation, you may have ideas about the underlying issues that your construction may have. These may be flaws that you haven’t noticed in the past structure or the root of symptoms such as leakages and seepage. 

    2. Makes Living More Efficient

    Usually, one undergoes renovation if they feel uncomfortable with the current setting of the infrastructure. By changing the interior or the exterior of both of them, along with fixtures, your daily life within your construction is more likely to be more convenient and efficient.

    3. Increases Property Value

    If you are planning to sell your home or building, buyers won’t be too thrilled to offer a high price if its structure does not suit their taste. If you renovate your rooms, your bathroom to start with, you can sell it for higher values and make sums of profit off of it.

    Renovation techniques have been around for a long time. This has been the option of many homes and facility owners because this is a good way to make a “new” building out of an old one. This will also be more efficient compared to building something new from scratch.

    How are bathroom renovations done?

    Now, in this section, we are going to discuss the processes involved in renovations, most specifically in bathrooms. 

    1. Planning

    The first step in all construction processes is the creation of the plan. This is where all the succeeding processes will be based on. It is a big part of the overall execution of its activities. 

    Here, the information regarding the bathroom’s current state, its special needs, and the upgrades that it may require will be taken into account. In most cases, it is preferred that the current design will be taken into records as pictures for better comparisons.

    2. Demolition

    Once a complete guide is established, it will now be time for the contractors to remove the fixtures, attachments, and basically everything that will be deemed unnecessary for the new structure.

    This activity may require quite a long time depending on the size of the bathroom, and the number of things that are needed to get rid of.

    3. Rough-In

    The process of rough-in refers to the task of installing all the necessary wiring systems such as the ones for electricity, plumbing, and ventilation. This will allow the new structure to be united with the existing rooms and systems.

    This may also require you to work with contractors who already have experience in the said fields to save more money. This will also be more efficient compared to availing another team’s service.

    4. Interior Installation

    Once all the utility and wiring systems are completed, the project will now be ready for the installation of the new interior. This includes the wallpapers, tiles, linoleum, or basically whatever walling and flooring that the client may prefer. 

    Because we are talking about bathrooms, however, this will more likely make use of waterproof materials such as concrete, waterproof paint, and/or tiles.

    5. Formation of Fixtures

    After the base of the interior design is installed, the next step would be to integrate the fixtures and furniture needed for the project. These may include sinks, showers, taps, bathtubs, wall-mounted storage areas, vanity, mirror, and the likes.

    Nevertheless, this will vary according to the output that the client desires. This may include as few as sinks and showers, some, on the other hand, may even ask for large built-in furniture, if they prefer being fancy.

    6. Finishing Tasks

    The last step on our list involves the finishing touches. This is where the paint and designs will be done to the infrastructure. This may also include the setting of treatment sprays and other novelty peripherals such as stickers and topcoats.

    It is important that no step, no matter how insignificant it may seem, should be skipped. This is in to assure the total success of the renovation process.

    What should you look for in your renovations expert?

    Here are some of the qualities that you should look for in a Brisbane bathroom renovations :

    • Has a good reputation
    • Credible and legitimate
    • Equipped with professional contractors
    • Has complete materials
    • Has a good history of projects

    If you work with us, Australian Construction, we assure you that we meet not just the things above, but so much more. We are confident in our abilities as contractors, and we also believe in the underlying value of the process.

    Summary: Brisbane Bathroom Renovations Expert

    Bathroom renovation is something that you should look into if you are seeking a change in your infrastructure. It gives your bathroom a new and vibrant feel. 

    If you feel the need to avail this, it will be best if you work with a team instead of resorting to do it yourself because the latter may even cost you more than the contractors.

    If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at Australian Construction via phone 1800 155 881 or Email:

    We will make sure that you don’t have to wait long for our response. We also offer consultations and site visits for more accurate negotiations.