The Best Bathroom Renovations In Coffs Harbour And Surrounding Areas


    Bathroom renovations in Coffs Harbour are not uncommon. Coffs Harbour is teeming with people because of the amusement park and the Big Banana monument. If you are operating a business here, you will one day have to renovate your bathroom due to high foot traffic.

    But what reasons are there to renovate? Do you need it? Today, we at Australian Construction will offer you some good reasons to consider whether you need to renovate your bathroom or not.

    1. Your Bathroom Is Old

    If your bathroom is old, your guests in your business establishment will not have a good time. They paid money, so they want to see the best amenities that life can offer.

    Old bathrooms are not nice. Many people today are looking for the modern style. Apart from that, they also want to experience new technologies like taps with sensors. There are also gadgets that you can install, like hand dryers or toilets that have sensors.

    Consider renovating your bathroom if it is old already. You will be able to charge more money from your guests if your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing.  

    2. You Want To Increase Your Property’s Value

    If you are planning to sell your property, the bathroom has an impact on the price. If your bathroom is ugly, buyers will hesitate to pay your asking price.

    Why is this? It is because a nasty bathroom means renovation, and renovation means money. People who are looking at your property will want to pay less so they have the money to pay for repairs.

    If you renovate your bathroom before you sell your property, you can ask for a better price. A clean bathroom is an indication that the current owner took care of the property.

    3. Your plumbing is not working

    Third, you may want to renovate your bathroom if there are problems. Pipes can get clogged, and you may have drainage problems.

    If this is happening, you have to fix this problem right away. If you do not fix this problem, you are risking health issues, plus you may pay fines for non-compliance to the building codes of Australia.

    4. Your bathroom is no longer safe

    The last reason why you may need to renovate your bathroom is safety. Some bathroom fixtures are old and not safe when they first went to the market. Examples of these are slippery tiles.

    Old facilities can also be rickety. It is also possible that the walls have been compromised, that there are moulds in there. If your bathroom is no longer safe, you have to renovate it as soon as you can.

    We can help you with this, and all you need to do is to give us a call. We will explain to you the options you have to make your bathroom safe and compliant with the government standards.

    Summary: Bathroom Renovations in Coffs Harbour

    If your situation meets any of the ones we enumerated above, then you certainly need to renovate your bathroom. If you need guidance, you can give us a call or read our other blogs about tips on how to hire contractors.

    We are experts in this area, as we have operated in the construction industry for the past 20 years. Not only do we renovate bathrooms in Coffs Harbour, but we also do all types of construction services.

    It would be an advantage for you if you let us do your project. We offer an all-in-one solution for all your construction needs. Give us a call now so we can start with the process, or fill out our “request quote” form here on our website.