Geelong Bathroom Renovations Contractor For Residential & Industrial


    Geelong is a magnificent city in the south west section of Australia. If you live here, you will have to keep up with the trends, one of which is your bathroom. Having said that, you certainly need the expertise of people who do bathroom renovations in Geelong.

    But how should you hire one? And what qualifications should you look for? Today, we at Australian Construction will provide you with a quick overview of how you should hire the group that will help you with your bathroom renovation efforts.

    1. Must be a plumbing expert

    Geelong is a coastal city. As such, the plumbing techniques and standards here are different from typical cities found inland. For your bathroom renovations effort, you must hire a plumber, not just a building contractor.

    Apart from installing new tiles or doing the concrete overlay, we at Australian Construction can provide you with the best service for piping. As experts, our bathroom renovations experts know the city’s building codes, and you can rest assured that these plumbing standards will be complied with.

    2. Must understand waterproofing

    Bathrooms use water, there is no question about that. And while water is the source of life, water is also a destructive element. If you have a two-story building, you need to ensure that the bathrooms are waterproofed well so they do not leak below.

    Hire experts like us who are also adept at waterproofing technologies. This part of the renovation effort is not as simple as mixing waterproofing compounds. There is so much more that goes into it. The wrong application will give you problems later on, and these problems will cost money.

    Water also causes mould, plus it will deteriorate the things that it comes into contact with. You need to prevent water seepage or leakage from happening, or you will otherwise have to renovate your bathroom again.

    3. Must have a license

    Anything that has something to do with building is regulated. As such, a licensed expert is what you need. Although it is true that there are people who can learn the trade, you are far safer dealing with a licensed bathroom renovations company like us.

    Why? Because a licensed company means that the employees and owners have passed the tests and requirements that the government requires. It also means that the company has to protect its reputation, and they can only do that if they provide good work. Hire experts like us who have a license.  

    4. Must be a known company

    Only hire people or companies who have a positive reputation. You see, it is easy to say that one can renovate your bathroom. But then you have to ask yourself, will they do a good job of it?

    Ask around and start with your family and friends. Check if they know a company that can do bathroom renovations at par with your expectations. You can also check online for companies and see if their clients have positive feedback about them.

    Or you can give us a call at Australian Construction and we can discuss what you need. We have a portfolio we can show you from which you can base your decision.

    Summary: Bathroom Renovations in Geelong

    Bathrooms, whether public or private, are high-traffic areas in your house or facility. Apart from that, water is a factor that will expedite the damage in your bathroom—it can cause rust and mildew, plus moulds and other problems.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction for bathroom renovations in Geelong. Our experts will spend time with you to understand your needs, and we will also do an ocular inspection so we can best plan for the project.