Speak To The Best Bathroom Renovations Team In Gladstone


    Bathroom renovations in Gladstone are some of the services that you may look for one day. Like most popular cities and towns in Australia, Gladstone is a tourist spot for people who are longing for the sun and the beaches. As such, the buildings here are subject to heavy wear and tear.

    Before you hire a contractor, you have to know what qualifications they should have. Today, we at Australian Construction will discuss with you some of the things you need to look for before you close a deal.

    1. Plumbing Experience

    First, you have to look for a contractor who understands plumbing systems. And when we say plumbing, we are not talking about basic plumbing systems. Bathrooms are more complicated than that.

    Plumbing involves compliance with regulations, setting up tanks, sewage systems, and also hot water tanks and systems. You must only work with a contractor who knows all these things.

    Why? Because this ensures that you will have a bathroom that is fully functional—a bathroom that will last a lifetime. This is also critical to ensure that your bathroom will not have problems despite heavy use.

    2. Construction Experience 

    The second thing you have to look for is construction experience. Bathroom renovations in Gladstone involve many things, such as demolition, laying of pipes, concrete, and many more.

    It is best if you hire a flexible contractor, someone who has experience in all facets of the industry. This way, you do not have to deal with different groups for every aspect of the project.

    At Australian Construction, we have a complete roster of experts. From engineers to interior designers to architects, we have it all. As such, you only have to talk to one group, and then get your project done.

    Also, this will help you save on cost. If you deal with a different group for demolition, and then another one for construction, you will be spending a lot of money on professional fees and labour.

    3. Waterproofing Experience

    The third yet equally critical thing you have to look for is waterproofing capabilities. Your bathroom deals with water all the time. The last thing you want is to have a leak.

    Not all materials are the same. There are tiles made specifically for bathrooms, and then there is a specific kind of concrete for flooring and walls. All of these materials also have proper ratios, and only a qualified contractor knows how to use them.

    If waterproofing is bad, water will seep on the flooring. If the bathroom is on the second floor, the people below will suffer—you will receive complaints and you will have to spend money again to make repairs. You do not want this, especially if you are operating a commercial establishment.

    Lastly, the walls must also be capable of resisting water. If not, moulds will live there, and they can cause serious illnesses and diseases either to your family or to your guests.

    Bathroom Renovations In Gladstone

    Do not rush in hiring contractors for bathroom renovations in Gladstone. Take your time and do your due diligence to investigate. Call several companies, ask about their credentials, and then get a quote.

    Another thing you can do is to give us a call now or fill out the “request quote” form that we have here on our site. We can schedule an online meeting or see your site in person. From there, we can discuss the things that you need, and our resident experts can make a plan.

    We will then give you a quote for the project price, which we can discuss further before we get started with the project.