Professional Designer Bathroom Renovations In Hervey Bay & Surrounds


    Before you do some bathroom renovations in Hervey Bay, there are some things we want you to know. Today, we at Australian Construction will provide you with some tips about bathroom renovations.

    In the end, you will understand if you really need it, what you need to look for from contractors, and many more. If you have something in mind that we do not cover here, feel free to ask!

    What is your purpose for bathroom renovation? 

    First, you need to understand why you are renovating your bathroom. Apart from aesthetic reasons, you have to consider some issues on functionality. For example, some of your pipes may no longer be working.

    Here are some things you must think about: 

    • Property value – are you selling your property? If you are, renovating your bathroom is a good idea. A clean and new bathroom adds value to a property. An old one will diminish your selling price.
    • Plumbing system – if your pipes and toilet flush are not working, you have to renovate your bathroom. This will take a lot of work, but at least you will not have to suffer the stench. You will also protect yourself from diseases.
    • Bathroom safety – old bathrooms can be rickety. The tiles can be outdated and slippery and changing them will keep you safe. This includes replacing old bathtubs that are not safe.

    If you know your purpose, it will be easier to work with a contractor like us because we know what you are trying to achieve. As such,

    Is your bathroom big?

    The next tip we want to give you has something to do with the space or the size of your bathroom. If you are going to renovate, you must have adequate space for the kind of bathroom you want.

    If possible, contractors like us can dismantle another room, and then use that as an extension for the existing bathroom. Bathrooms are better if they are bigger, most especially so if you are operating a commercial facility in Hervey Bay.

    What kind of bathroom do you like?

    The third tip is about aesthetics and functionality. Do you want a classic bathroom or a modern one? At Australian Construction, we have architects and interior designers who can help you with this.

    Take note that a bathroom renovation project is not one that you do every year. You have to be sure of what you want. You must also ensure that the bathroom design you choose matches the theme of your house or establishment.

    If you hire us, we can also provide you with recommendations about new fixtures that you can add. For example, we know of new toilets that have sensors, or lights and taps that use technology to help you conserve water and energy.

    In the end, the decision is yours, but we are prepared to help you out. There are so many options out there, and you might get inundated, so we are here to guide you.   

    Bathroom Renovations in Hervey Bay

    Perhaps by now, you have a clear purpose as to why you need to renovate your bathroom. You also may have an idea by now what materials you want, how your bathroom should work, and how to choose a contractor.

    Hervey Bay, being one of the most stunning coastal towns in Australia, has so much to offer. The thing is that we need to ensure that we maintain our facilities, including our bathrooms, if we want tourists to keep on coming.

    Give us a call now, and one of our experts will be on the phone with you. We can schedule an ocular inspection, and then create a plan for how we will go about the renovation.