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    If bathroom renovations in Melton are part of your plan, it’d be easy for you to find a contractor. the question is: what things should you expect from the service provider?

    Today, we will give you some tips about what you have to ask from your bathroom renos contractor, and what kind of things you should expect from them. In the end, you will be empowered with knowledge on how you should deal with contractors who will renovate your bathroom.

    1. Planning the Renovation

    A lot of time has to be put into this. Even if a bathroom is a small room, it is much more complicated than a typical room. It needs sewage, pipes, and many other things.

    As such, you have to expect your contractor to draw a plan that fits your desires. The plan must include the placement of the toilet, the pipes, shower, taps, sinks, and all that. In the end, a renovation project that was planned well is less likely to give you problems in the future.

    2. Demolishing the Bathroom

    Expect the old bathroom to go away. In this process, you must not expect that the old stuff will be saved, unless if they are antique.

    Demolition is dangerous and dirty. It is also noisy, so you have to work with the necessary permits. Expect your contractor to take care of this.

    During the demolition, you will not be able to use your bathroom. As such, you may need to speak with your neighbours about using theirs in the meantime.

    3. Laying the Foundation

    The third thing you have to expect from bathroom renovations in Melton is that the foundation process will take some time. This foundation is not the same as the one for your house, but rather about laying pipes and the concrete where the tiles will sit.

    If the piping system is problematic, then the construction process will take longer. It can also be a lot more costly than a typical bathroom renovations project.  

    This foundation also includes using the right materials to make the bathroom waterproof. The waterproofing must not only be for the floor but also the walls. Concrete may absorb moisture in the long run, and this is something that you want to avoid.

    4. Installation of fixtures

    The last thing that you have to expect is that the contractor has to install the fixtures. This includes the sink, tap, shower, and many more. If you want a bathtub, the installation should be part of the service.  

    Now, the installation must be proper. If the tub does not fit the piping, you will have leaks later on. Connection of water tanks and heaters must also be part of the service.

    Lastly, the contractor will also place the tiles. Finally, the contractor will hand over the completed project that is ready for your use.

    Summary: We Are Bathroom Renovations Experts in Melton

    Melton is a city that is busy. As such, it is teeming with people. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, there will be problems in your bathroom, like clogged pipes and flush that does not work.

    In worst-case scenarios, you will certainly need an overhaul. If you are in this situation, you need to work with bathroom renovations experts that you can trust.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction now and see the difference. You can also ask us now for a quote through our “request quote” form on our website. We will speak with you about your needs, and then we will schedule a visit to your site so we can provide better inputs and insights.