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Brisbane Paving Contractor

Brisbane Paving Contractor

    Australian Construction provides the ideal paving services in Brisbane. Whether you are building a new property or undertaking simple renovations in your office premises or house, paving gives your whole area a stylish appearance. Previously, paving was confined mostly to outdoor spaces. But over the years, it has transformed into interiors we can pave to give you a striking look. Our paving contractor in Brisbane is a leader in supplying comprehensive paving work for many projects. 

    We are specialists in paving ideas, and our team handles big and small projects. We work on domestic, small, high budget, budget project and sophisticated commercial projects. Our company provides you with various products in different shapes, patterns, prices, finishing, sizes and colours.  We supply superior quality brick pavers, concrete pavers, clay pavers and install them all over Brisbane. We also offer various beautiful interlocking pavers and install them when you ask.

    Lovely paving patterns

    Whether you want us to construct a walkway, garden path, pool surrounds, staircase, courtyard, patio, parking lots and retaining wall edges, we give you high-quality paving materials for big and small projects.

    Our competent team gives you excellent work at competitive prices. We deliver on time and give you expert advice. The pavers we have available suit all styles and budgets. The paving contractor also offers timeless finishes, and you have the guarantee that our pavers will meet your design requirements.

    Concrete paving and standard clay

    Our company is proud to provide some of the finest paving solutions in Brisbane. We have access to the most popular concrete and clay pavers in Australia, available in various styles and colours to suit your budget and home. We aim to meet your precise needs at a fair price. 

    Ideal paving

    Our team first asks you what you are paving, which determines the basics of use, area size, etc. Mainly, we place pavers around the home in these areas:

    • Garden areas
    • Pathways
    • Driveway
    • Entertainment/general BBQ area
    • Patio 
    • Pool area

    After you give our experienced team this information, they ask you what style you prefer. The type you want affects the material choice (concrete or clay) and also the colour. Every material has its pros and cons, and you need to make the decision.


    Australian Construction clay pavers provide different colours, shapes and sizes that suit any purpose. Clay is available is various colours and small paver size, enabling you to transform any outdoor space.

    Our main colour options with clay include:

    • Rojo
    • Mocha
    • Pewter
    • Charcoal
    • Tan 
    • Sand
    • Gold

    After picking your colour, you can select from various textured sizes and styles, each with its exceptional benefits.


    Concrete pavers have fewer colours, but their appearance is bolder and more stoic. Concrete’s main benefits are its more significant pavers and lower cost, enabling you to cover a bigger space for a lower price. Our simple but effective concrete colour range highlights the blacks, whites, creams, and greys where looks are concerned. All this allows you to add contrast to any area our skilled team lays them. Similar to clay, we provide concrete in different textures to suit the purpose and style.

    The paving contractor we have in Brisbane provides these three main concrete styles:

    • Sovereign
    • Jubilee 
    • Paragon

    We give you the freedom to choose a service that complements your style and personality. Whether you pick gold regal or ivory paragon, we assure you of exceptional, timeless outcomes.

    Different kinds of paving solutions

    We provide two main kinds of paving; brick/tile paving and concrete. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Concrete paving is an affordable option; however, it needs a base surface or limited laying styles. Our standard paving utilises various materials in different patterns but needs maintenance with time to make it long-lasting.

    Describing brick paving

    Brick paving illustrates the act of utilising tile or brick-like slabs in a block pattern, forming open spaces, walkways, footpaths and roads. The main advantage of using bricks for setting up a strong walkway and driveway is that our team can expertly remove and replace them at minimal or no cost.

    Where your concrete needs repair or replacement, we change the bricks quickly, facilitating easy repair work and maintenance without replacing the whole surface. Brick paving is popular for commercial and residential areas like car parks, garden paths, patio flooring and train stations.

    Our pavers use bricks to create a style or pattern to form a level of land by utilising different sizes and colours. This option is affordable for homeowners who want a rigid base surface for vehicles or outdoor settings for relaxing on.

    Australian Company has many patterns you can choose from; however, the most popular is the herringbone pattern (45-degree). It gives you a strong bond and a consistent appearance for your pathway. Our other patterns are basketweave, California weave, stretcher bond and a mixture of different sized bricks.

    Concrete paving

    Our concrete paving is a type of re-surfacing technique our team uses for unattractive open spaces or concrete spaces, transforming them into sturdy features underfoot. We use an anti-slip and cement-based coating for our concrete paving, turning any area into a beautiful and long-lasting paving solution. 

    A Brisbane paving contractor gives you various colours to pick from, and, in some instances, we have different concrete pattern selections to use. This type of paving is exceptionally affordable and is twice as sturdy as standard concrete.

    Liquid Limestone

    Another type of concrete paving we use is liquid limestone. It looks like cut limestone but has the strength of concrete. This type of paving is exceptionally cool underfoot when temperatures are high. It is a famous option for commercial and residential use. Liquid limestone is best for high traffic areas and driveways, and we lay it as a solid block or sell it as tile plates for arranging in a pattern.


    At Australian Construction, we are an innovative and proactive firm providing various reliable and professional services in Brisbane’s paving aspects. We have a strong reputation for delivering superior quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing pavements for industrial, residential and commercial projects.

      It will be our pleasure to provide you with the best paving services, so talk to us today!