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Enhance Your Outdoor Features With Superb Concreting Services In Adelaide

    Our Concreting Contractor in Adelaide is committed to customer care, and our team provides a traditional service using the latest technology and knowledge. Clients enjoy our professional yet customised service and the ability to contact us anytime.

    We guarantee quality and have earned the reputation of being trustworthy because our team provides unique outcomes each time. Our concreting  contractor in Adelaide handles your project from beginning to end. We respect our client’s property and work to restore your site to its original state. 

    Australian Construction does not outsource the work; our experienced team performs all the work in-house. They have police clearance to work anywhere and you can trust our concreters to finish on time.

    Our concreters go through consistent training in Adelaide to make sure they remain updated with all the new regulations and rules. They use the newest top-notch machinery to give you brilliant finishes. 

    We provide professional concreting services as below.

    Premium exposed aggregate concrete

    Choose exposed aggregate concrete for your outdoor space in Adelaide to give your home a unique look. Exposed aggregate presents a fashionable choice that is popular in the market. Most house owners choose the decorative finish because it is attractive to look at and durable.

    The surface is also resistant to oils and stains, so needs minimal maintenance. The exceptional texture comes from the exposure of the aggregate (stone). Our team uses stones, which offer a smoother finish and walking barefoot on it is very comfortable. We have endless colour choices of aggregate concrete. Our skilled team pours aggregate concrete in various colours and designs and offers a seal for locking in the colour.

    Whether you prefer bold colours or you like an earthly finish, our concreting contractor in Adelaide has the colour you need. We even have a stone that glows in the dark that will add some thrill to your outdoor space.

    Australian Construction is proud to provide a high-quality installation method, producing a level finish that is not bony or patchy.

    Quality concrete driveways

    In Adelaide, concrete driveways are gaining popularity. Many homeowners prefer concrete driveways to gravel, asphalt or pavers because they are more durable and last longer. Also, cleaning them is easy and almost maintenance-free. At Australian Construction, we offer various attractive designs. Our expert concreters team uses coloured concrete and aggregate concrete, forming a look that matches your outdoor space.

    We carry out thorough base preparation to facilitate a strong foundation for your concrete driveway. We have a committed and qualified team that uses upgraded steel or metal, creating a reinforced foundation that withstands elements.

    Our concreters pay attention to detail when working and consider the soil of each working site. We adjust steep surfaces accordingly. Our team sets the base, then lays our concrete driveways at a thickness of 125mm. Australian Construction ensures we use suitable MPa concrete grade, ensuring superior quality outcomes for our clients. 

    We also use control joints and tools or cut your driveway to avoid cracking. In addition to this your new durable driveway will repel weed growth as there is simply no space for flora to sprout and grow through the concrete.

    Attractive coloured concrete

    For homeowners who want to improve their outdoor area’s appearance, coloured concrete is the best choice. The good news is that gone are the days of dull grey concrete! Today concrete is fun and adventurous and there are a wide variety of colours to choose from.

    Our team of concreters will match your outdoor areas using the best-coloured concrete option. We have bright colours, and also subtle earthy tones. You will surely find something to suit your taste. We use Color ThruTM to make the colours perfect. This product mixes the colour down to the concrete, preventing the colour from fading with time.

    Strong footings and foundations

    Australian Construction has a team of specialists in rubble compaction and base preparation. Our experts work according to the plans and the engineering reports you present to provide brilliant outcomes.  The concreting contractor we have in Adelaide handles the project from beginning to end to facilitate the correct base preparation. They will take care of trench digging, excavation, grading, soil removal and pouring.

    Our expert team includes professional steel fixers. After the steel-fixing and levelling job is completed, we supply, pump, place then finish.

    Concrete removal and concrete cutting services

    It is advisable to hire a specialised concreting contractor to handle your concrete cutting job. You may think the task is easy. However, it may pose a great danger to an unskilled person. Even if you can hire equipment for cutting concrete, you need experienced help and thankfully Australian Construction is available to offer it’s expert assistance and advice.

    Australian Construction have a team of experts that offer a full concrete removal and concrete cutting service in Adelaide and its environs. If you need concrete cutting or concrete removal, our team visits your site and provides you with impeccable service.

    Commercial concreting

    Australian Construction offers a full commercial concreting service. 

    During our experience in this industry, we have handled many high-profile commercial works. Our team is fully trained and qualified in commercial concreting, proven in our wide service offerings.

    We appreciate that commercial concreting differs greatly from residential concreting, so we treat it accordingly. We have the manpower and equipment to handle major commercial projects. 

    At Australian Construction, we consider safety to be paramount in commercial concreting work and we ensure that each concreter wears PPE and safety gear.

    Our commercial work involves the following services:

    • Shotcrete
    • Steel fixing
    • Foundations
    • Water features
    • Warehouses
    • Suspended slabs
    • Pools
    • Skate park
    • Lift pits
    • Large pours
    • Car parks
    • Steps/stairs/staircases

    Specialised equipment 

    Today, modern concrete structures present a precise art. Australian Construction owns a big fleet of equipment and can deliver the most challenging construction project. In Adelaide we are popular concreting experts because of this. Concrete structures need a knowledgeable and skilled workforce and top-of-the-line technology. Investing heavily in concrete delivery equipment allows us to pump, place and finish concrete to any kind of structure. 


    Australian Construction works with you to determine your exact requirements so that we can do the job right the first time. We will provide your with suitable options about the wide variety of finishes and colours suitable for your concreting job. 

    Call us today and our concreting contractor in Adelaide will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the most suitable design for your requirements!