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Ballarat Concreting Contractor

Ballarat Concreting Contractor

    Do you want to install a new driveway or need quality concreting? In that case, Australian Construction can deliver. Moreover, we offer a lot more. We have a committed and hard-working team. In addition, our concreting contractor in Ballarat works for the commercial and residential sector. Because of this, we provide you with a superior finish on every project.

    Australian Construction offers different services. For example, we deliver exposed aggregate, patio floors and driveways. Additionally, we provide coloured and plain concrete and concrete piers. Besides, we offer retaining walls. Despite your project size, our team implements full professionalism at all times. 

    More importantly, we present top quality work. Our rates are affordable and competitive. Therefore you can budget for your work. Moreover, you do not need to compromise on quality or style; therefore, work with Australian Construction if you want the best in the sector. 

    Automotive epoxy flooring

    At Australian Construction, we provide all types of commercial epoxy flooring. We offer these services or locomotive sector type flooring. In addition, we provide a multi-layered epoxy with anti-slip aggregate broadcast for oil change facilities and automotive service centres. We place the aggregate at the center of the seal coat and epoxy layers. After this, we coat it using urethane.

    We provide a multi-layered epoxy floor coated with two urethane layers. It is used in sophisticated luxury automotive service centres. Also, we offer them for automotive showrooms. The product is very lovely and durable. It describes a resinous flooring method that is perfect for various areas. For example, epoxy flooring is ideal for offices, customer service areas and adjoining hallways.

    Benefits of polished commercial concrete

    We have various types of polished concrete floors. Because of this, you have different options to pick from.  However, business owners and contractors prefer polished concrete floors. Below are some advantages of polished commercial concrete: 


    Comparatively, our concrete floor is more durable than other flooring options. Polishing entails making your concrete functional and smooth. As a result, it reduces the prevalence of wear and tear. In other words, polished commercial concrete polishing can last numerous years. So it does not require any major repair. Also, polishing hardens your floors by 50%.

    Green flooring solution

    Polishing does not affect the environment negatively. For this reason, it is different from most preparation and floor resurfacing services. To polish, our team uses diamond grit disks. Given this, we do not need harmful chemicals. What’s more, we utilise recyclable materials. Comparably it is not harmful like timber/wood harvesting. 

    Low maintenance

    A wonderful aspect about polished floors is they lack cracks and seams. Due to this, debris and dirt do not accumulate. Maintaining and cleaning it is easy compared to one with many joints. Moreover, your floors last for years before repair and maintenance become necessary.

    Decorative appeal

    Non-polished and polished concrete floors are different. Polishing instantly enhances your commercial outlet decorative appeal. It may be an office or business. In light of this, polishing makes the surface reflective, glossy and smooth.

    Best for polished concrete

    There are no limits to commercial concrete floors. For this reason, the concreting contractor in Ballarat installs in any area of your premises. Furthermore, we meet your requirements for easy maintenance and safety. Additionally, we deliver durability, aesthetic appeal and safety. Australian Construction installs polished concrete in the following establishments:

    • Factories
    • Hospitals
    • Stadiums
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Retail establishments
    • Schools
    • Warehouses and Commercial outlets


    Our objective at Australian Construction is to provide high quality commercial polished concrete. Furthermore, it meets and surpasses our customers’ expectations. Do you need a cream polish, aggregate or salt & pepper polish? In that case, we send the most skilled expert team to undertake the work. Also, our team is available 24/7. More importantly, we are always happy to provide any help. For example, we answer any questions about our services.

    Therefore call us today for the ideal concreting solutions in Ballarat!